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Is map-jumping going to get fixed or...?

It’s been happening since the Valentine’s update for me. No amount of resets or fiddling with the GPS seems to help. I’ve seen a few posts from others mentioning it so I figured it would be fixed soon, but it’s become ridiculous.

I have a video of it but no avenue to post it. I can send it to support via email if necessary. But the jump sabotages darting by either blasting away before I can launch the drone or by doing the same as I do, turning a 40m distance into a 184m distance right before I start to fire.

While I’m at it, please get rid of Chris Pratt. That warning comes up every 30 seconds while riding transit, sabotaging hunting by interruption. It comes up even if no action was taken since the last time I told it I’m a passenger; that example is also in the video I took.

@Ned who would I send this video to? Is this actively being looked at or am I hooped for darting until Hammond-knows-when a patch finally addresses it?

Hey Poxinabox, I’m sorry that is happening. I would recommend reaching out to our support team at with your support key and video so our team can take a closer look.


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