Is matchmaking fixed for the CORRECT reasons?


I didn’t realize the one-time Arena level-up incubator was a thing so I stopped trying to keep low rank to see about getting a couple freebies.

Well, almost but not QUITE able to push the envelope into Arena 4 so I decided to de-rank again using all level 1s and 2s to save a small bit of time and farm low level incubators for necessary DNA I’m simply not capable of obtaining otherwise.

Well, I instantly stopped seeing the usual fare of 11 to 14 monstrosities that would wreck my level 7 stuff (barring extreme cheese/luck) and everything is about level 6 at most.

I was surprised to see there was no “readjustment” matches one might think to calculate more appropriate matching so after a few of these I switched back and again instantly went back into nothing but the 11 to 14 one-sided stompfests.

This clearly shows Ludia has the programming capabilities to detect and set up matchmaking.

The question is: are they doing it for a business model via playing off frustrations of impatient people to encourage sales to get even footing while climbing? Or are they actually trying to preserve the integrity of low arena DNA farming by forcing players to think twice about the needless time wasted trying to do what people like myself grind out?

Given the poor reputation and discontent that has steadily risen, I am inclined to believe it’s the first reason.

Edit: the hilarity of this being posted the night prior to connection compensation incubator gift…lol.