Is Megalosuchus good for anything?

I’ve managed to get my Megalosuchus to level 18, but so far I’m decidedly underwhelmed by it in general. Its attack is absolutely pathetic compared to Gorgosuchus, it has no armor/shield busting moves, no armor, etc. Granted, the passive counter is okay, but is there any real area that this creature thrives in? Because frankly, I’m thinking I may have just wasted all that DNA on it.

I feel the same about mine. I think it has to do with how well the user battles. I’ve had folks give me some trouble with their Meg but mine seems totally ineffective.

Megalo is an investment in the long run. Level 18 is pretty weak, and not as effective in the arenas. I’d say 24 and up is when the megalo starts to shine :grin:


Personally, I have not been impressed with the ones I have come up against in the arena. Of course, I haven’t faced one level 24 or greater, so you are, quite possibly, right. The fact that it features on most top ranked teams supports your claim. However, I have decided to level my Gorgosuchus as much as I can, rather than spend its DNA on Megalosuchus. Might regret this decision later, but seems to be correct at the moment…

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Megalo can do extreme damage to any dino if used correctly. My lv 21 took down a lv 25 stego with about 700 hp left

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I hear this all the time.
I’ve always championed the use of Megalosuchus, and my position will never change. How often do I send out Meg as a 1v1 matchup? Never. It’s used in conjunction with the rest of my team. Without Meg, I wouldn’t have finished Top 500 in both Tournaments. Yesterday I had a match where I swapped into it, then back out to another of my team. The last take-down of that match was provided by a swap-in to Meg once again, this time only at 1000ish HP.
Meg isn’t a tank buster, and shouldn’t be compared to Gorgo. She’s not a full tank, and shouldn’t be compared to Trag or Rajakylo. I view her as an all-purpose, any-time, any-scenario stopper.
I honestly (and I’m not trying to toot my own horn in any way) don’t see how people can think Meg isn’t as great as I view her.
Mine is L27 currently, and started carrying my team at L21.


Meglosuchus and gorgosuchus are for different purposes, they are all great dinos. If you have difficulty choosing between these two, just ask yourself if you are able to level any one of these creatures in the long run because level is a very important indicator. I choose gorgosuchus not because meglosuchus is ineffective, but because I don’t see meglosaurus often and my team doesn’t have tank busters. If you are in local one, choosing meglosuchus is a good idea.

There is a reason many of the best teams have Megalosuchus, it catches you up when you fall behind.

Simply put, when your Dino is about to lose on the next turn, your opponent often uses a weak strike move to win. Swap it Megalosuchus and it counter-attacks for your win. Now you are ahead 1-0 if it’s the initial matchup. Sure you have a weakened Megalosuchus but you should be able to get at least 1 more attack in. Even if you die before a second shot you can bring in another to finish off your opponents next Dino. Maybe even bring in the one you just saved if it’s fast.

Worse case you are 2-2 with a 50% chance to win. And this is after you fall behind with little chance to overcome otherwise.

Adding to the positive note on Megalosuchus, it should see a buff in the next patch. I know Ludia listens to valuable posts like this and considers such. You’ve witnessed this already with Allosinosaurus. He got a big buff recently. Mark my words.


It’s good as a swap-in Monomimus counter.


The last time Meg had anything done to her, it was a straight nerf, somethin like 200 HP if I remember correctly. It’d be nice if they gave her a little somethin back :ok_hand:t2:

I second this

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The megalo is my third star player. I get stoked when megalo is on my starter team. My second legendary I’ve created, and has never left my team since. I have only fought one other person with a lvl 27 megalo, and I was like dannnng nice! Hope megalo gets some more recognition in the future. I’m putting a slight pause on megalo, and using all the kapros to level up spino. My girl is currently lvl 26 :heart_eyes:


Yea, my Meg is sittin at L27 with 680ish dna on it. I only power her up when I come across event/wild Gorgo, as I’m also saving Kapro for Spinotahsuchus. I haven’t powered up Spino yet, though, just in case things don’t play out as most of us predict. If that happens, I’ll have Kapro to start making the push to L30 on my beloved Meg :revolving_hearts:


Another Meg lover here :wave:


@ardens I’m picturing a L30 megalo with its counter right now, and that just looks nasty in battle… ultimate goals!! I’m thinking about getting spino to L25 then continue on that road to leveling up the megalo. Your meg will be my motivation.

@user1 megalo appreciation club :grin:

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Well this is my current team, and Megalosuchus is currently only at level 18. But even if it wasn’t, I honestly don’t know who I’d swap it for.

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I’d say either Indom or Gorgo. Indom will lose its value as you progress further, but if you have Gorgo and Meg on your team together you’ll eventually run into a severe dna drought.

Or Tragodistis. For all its great armor and speed, its attack power and health are pretty lamentable.

I honestly didn’t even notice the Trag on your team :joy:
Personally, I’d say eliminate Trag. Mine is still at 16. Counter-attackers are my fav class, but I never saw a place for Trag. I caution you, though, because sooooo many people highly praise it.

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