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Is megalosuchus worth the effort?

I recently acquired the ability to start making megalosuchus, but honestly, I don’t know if it has any real advantage over an equally-levelled gorgosuchus, and my level 18 gorgosuchus is arguably my second strongest creature after I-Rex in terms of potential damage output. Can anyone advise me on this? Because unfortunately in my area Kaprosuchus and Gorgosaurus are quite hard to find. I don’t know if it would really benefit my current team or not.

No, megalosuchus is trash regardless if you can get alot of dna for it or not.

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Keep Gorgo, its so much better.


I would suggest use gorgo, not because meglosuchus is not good, but because megalosuchus is more of a defensive dino with revenge kill. For defensive dinos, we have so many good ones, trago, stegod, ankentro, rajakylo, you name it, so there’s no need to have another defensive dino on the team.

Gorgosuchus, however, is a tank buster. Currently the best tank busters in the game are very difficult to obtain (magna, tryko, tryostronix, indoraptor). My stegod is level 24 (and can be lv 25 if I have the coins), trago is level 23, and rajakylo level 20 but still don’t have any of the tank busters I’ve mentioned before, so gorgosuchus became my only tank busting dino (T-rex is also good but I assume most people only have that at lv 15) and have won me many matches even at 4500 cups.

In conclusion, gorgosuchus is favored due to its availability and lack of other good tank busting dinos.


Well, in a lot of ways Gorgosuchus is mostly a revenge killer as well. I’ve learned that the best way to use it is to let another dinosaur soften the enemy up before dying and then switch to Gorgo, finish that one off with Ferocious Strike, and then potentially KO whatever comes next with Defence Shattering Rampage.


Megalosuchus is specialist. It’s best Indominus counter. My lvl 17 Megalosuchus did Indominus strike event alone. It’s also good for finishing almost dead dinos.

Gorgosuchus is fast tank buster, but don’t like stuns and slows.

Gorgosuchus don’t have real chanses against Stegodeus, while Megalosuchus can do great against Stegodeus.


My Megalosuchus did the indom strike event too.

Megalosuchus is :revolving_hearts:
Mine is at L26 and never coming off my team

Thanks to the OP for saving me the need to post this same request for good advice. Kaprosuchus is super hard to come by for me these days and I have enough to either level Gorgo to 17 or get Megalo about 8-10 fuses. Wasn’t even considering it until I started running into lvl 18-20 Megas that impressed me. Lvl 19 Trago is my only dino with counter right now. I really miss the ability to swap in and finish people off and Trago isn’t great at this since it only finishes dinos that are barely clinging to life.

Even more context for those who few that haven’t already TLDR’d this post :grin: I was pumped about the Raja feature last week since I’d be holding onto my Ankylosaurus DNA for awhile, but 9 fuses only got me to 140 before running out. (Getting curious if anyone else has had lots of 10 fuses for legendaries lately too, or if I’m just suffering from a run of bad luck and a minor case of negativity bias) I’m sure I’ll get it soon but Gorgosuchus is my boy from way back!! Was my MVP for so long that I’m kinda sentimental. Just don’t want to pour more DNA into it if Megalosuchus will serve me better in the future.


You wrote this awesomely :ok_hand:t4:
Haha, I’d recommend the same thing to OP

For me there are certain dinos that i just don’t get high fuses for.
Gorgosuchus i very rarely see a 10 fuse
Paramaloch i dont think i have had over 20
Tryo i made in 4 fuses
Trago to level 20 was all 10s apart from the last one which was a 50.
I do sometimes notice a pattern but it might just be my imagination, but I think the game likes to do things by 50s. 10,10,10, 20. Or 30,20.
On a side note i keep seeing people saying gorgo cannot take out a stego. Sure if gorgo is lower level, but in the long run where everything is level 30,gorgo will win against stego as long as stego does not get a crit.

Yep, with the recent nerf to stegod (150HP and 10atk reduction), a same level gorgosuchus can take two hits from stegod with a tiny bit of HP left.

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