Is Megalosuchus worth the investment?


Wondering how much of an upgrade he really is over Gorgosuchus. My Megalosaurus is level 12 but I have enough DNA to get him to the 15. Like everyone the coins are the issue for me right now.


Well, he WAS until it took 200 Rare DNA per fuse attempt. I am saving all of my 200 Attempt Rare DNA until they (hopefully) reverse it. I rarely see him in the arena and I more rarely lose to one now.


It’s unlikely. All fusions where the component is 2 tiers (of rarity) lower than the outcome require 200 DNA.


He is amazing in battle. Definitely invest in it if you can. Won me many battles, lots of strategy techniques that you can use for the megalo.


Megalosuchus is used for completely different reasons than gorgosuchus. Megalosuchus adds an amount of flexibility to your battle that can’t be underestimated. Whereas gorgosuchus can only be used effectively in very specific circumstances.


+1 totally worth it! :slight_smile: max counter attack, shield, critical… if used correctly, it can be great!