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Is Metriacanthosaurus gen 2 real?

Is Metriacanthosaurus gen 2 real or fake?

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well i think it was and epic old bug
this is JWA xd

I think it was just a placeholder dino. That or it was scrapped early, and they left it in anyway as a ‘default’ dino for that error.

Right now I think its coming to the game at least maybe because if we are having this glitch seeing its name as we are about dart something maybe it is coming.

the glitch has been there for years, i asked about a year ago and they said it was there for months already meaning its been there probably since near the beginning

Oooh I see ok

It’s placeholder text for the dino name field. They used it because it’s super long and they know that if it displays correctly, every shorter dino name will. Occasionally if the game doesn’t load properly you’ll see all the placeholder text and images.