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Is Miragaia OP?


I lost so many battles because of this thing,the fact that it’s counter is armor pericing i think is too good and at lvl 26 it does 3750 damage at turn one!

Should they nerf it’s damage or make it’s counter not armor pericing?


Its only an issue in the mid arenas when your facing lvl 18-20s and your chompers arent high enough leveled to burst it down…

Best early counters are a decently leveled trex or a baryonyx. If you go the bary route use rtc and youll avoid the counter attack. A lvl 11 bary can one shot a lvl 18 mira with a amped dsr crit.

If your higher up allosino and thor also work well. Time your instant charge on the turn they regenerate and they will be stunned for the next turn.


Nerf attack and remove shielding strike.

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Many dinos seem to be OP not because of their strength, but because of their levels. Many players feel Miragaia is strong because usually it’s overleveled compared to other dinos. In last two patches, people mentioned stegodeus being too OP, but usually forgot the level differences simply because what players remember is I lost to this dino, but don’t remember facing their lv 20 tank buster against a level 28 stegodeus. However, when the levels are even, many OP dinos don’t seem to be too strong.


Preach :raised_hands:


I find that interesting because in my mind (and quite a few people in the past on these forums agreed) it is arguably the worst dinosaur in the game at present. Although it has some damage output, it is just a plain boring old tank that does nothing worthwhile.

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that is easy…hunt some miragaia and level it to 30. but facing 30 erli, just 1 shot gone…

i think this stego will have a hybrid in the future, like dracoceratops…just wait wait wait.


What about miragaia + alanky…op unique tank :speak_no_evil:

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so many combinations there available…

majun + alanky

miragaia + alanky

conca + brachio…etc


It’s a good dino.
Leave it be!
It’s an awesome dino!


Where every move is a shield:

Shielding strike
Long protection
Shielding rampage
Regenerating Invincibility
Swap-in Invincibility


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Its become a bit of a plague in the lower arenas… because you get so much of its dna in every incubator its very easy to overlevel… level 20 mirag are quite common in badlands. They can be quite a problem if you dont have a chomper in your line up


Miragaia is a piece of meet at high level, this is shield breaker season, full indo 26 -28 thora 25 - 27 next week tenontorex 24 - 26, big jaws every where, miragaia deserve a unique hibrid.


Would work fine in a paralell universe withoút the shield brakers :sweat_smile: