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Is Miragaia too OP?

If you played Jurassic World Alive for quite a while, chances are you’ve run into the annoying Miragaia. Everyone has a different opinion about this mysterious creature. Many questions are yet to be answered like, “Why does he have armor piercing counter?” I don’t know why Miragaia was added in the first place. Every time something new arrives to “improve” the arenas, Miragaia shows up and steals it all for himself. Consider the day stat boosts were added. As soon as the boosts were installed, what do you come back to the arena to find? Level 21 Miragaias with extremely high health, damage, and speed! It’s no wonder why armor and critical stats didn’t show up. Otherwise, the competition would be even more cruel. So again I’m asking you: is Miragaia too OP? Do you think the Miragaia is the reason nothing useful can enter the arenas? If it is, eieither he should be taken out completely or just bumped down a lot. Or better yet, don’t allow him to be given stat boosts at all, JWA!

Miragaias are annoying, but they’re countetable with chompers/rending counter users. Thor probably laughs in Mira’s face.
That aside, I’m trying to figure out why, just WHY did Ludia give Miragaia decelerating shield. The only conclusion I can come to is that they wanted to somehow explain why its hybrid gets decel counter. But then explain Dracoceratops’ regeneration, Ludia!
And then they also gave more HP and the decelerating strike to Einiasuchus, another annoying herbivore with high attack and stun.

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That is so true. I had to level up my Einasuchus and Suchotator to a high level just to get a small foothold of advancement in the arenas because everyone has those 2 hybrids on high levels with stat boosts. It was the only way I could keep up.

My mostly unboosted team deals well vs Sucho (heck I just throw boosted Kapro out there and he makes Suchos turn into potatoes). But vs Einia, I’ll need to figure out what deals well with it, since currently I rely on unboosted Nodopatotitan to take them down. Maybe Ardentis, maybe Tenonto, or maybe Erlidom, but I’ll boost Erlidom first when I get her.

For a common I think it is a little strong. But it’s good the lowest rarity can humble even uniques occasionally. If only other low rarities were as useful

The 3 T’s still crush it though: Tryo, Thor, and Tryko

Paramoloch counters it very well for something easier to access. As long as the stuns work that is


At high levels Miragaia can be a nuisance but really it’s not that great. It dies far too easily to any shieldbreakers/chompers. There are ways around it that don’t require much thought.


For a common? Absolutely.
Miragaia outshines many tanks in higher technical brackets (epics and legendaries) in a lot of ways, they’ve given Miragaia a bit too much of everything. It lowers speed consistently so it always has the speed advantage, its counter attack armor pierces, it has access to a shield, it has access to a regenerate and cleanse. All of these things together on a common are just too much, and I definitely think it needs to be toned down.

Removing the counter entirely would be good. Or maybe replacing regenerate with adrenaline pulse so that it can’t restore as much health. If Miragaia were an epic or maybe even a rare, it would feel like it made more sense, but as a common, it’s pretty ridiculous. I would probably have issues with it even if it were a rare, but at least then I could somewhat understand why it was given what it was given.

As it stands now, the shield means its only counter are high damage chompers, as bleed is irrelevant due to its cleanse, and non chompers can’t get a good hit in due to the shield, and risk losing massive health to Gaia’s high attack combined with an armor piercing counter. I consider it up there with the likes of Dracocera as far as dinosaurs that were poorly thought out, and need a rework.

Miragaia can be a pain but I just made Miragaia 2.0, Dsungaia and this is the team I put together to play once I’m done writing this. I have Stegodeus but its level 20, too high for what I play at this time. It would have fit right in.

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You know, you could have all stegosaurs on your team if you put Stegodeus over Anklylodon.

After a few losses in a row before I finally got a win with the boosted teams I play, I think I will.

I lost one battle by being one shot by a super boosted level 16 T-rex, out 1, 2, 3.

The boosts really have this game a mess. I’m glad I don’t pay for this.

You and me both buddy

Nah I think it’s fine to have a strong common(or anything for that matter) as long as there are counters.

There’s a difference between a strong common, and a common capable of doing just about everything.

Shield, Armor pierce, Regenerate, Cleanse, Slow.

No one dinosaur should truly be the jack of all trades, a speed of 117 isn’t high, but it’s also respectable and due to its slow, it always has the speed advantage either way. There are plenty of strong commons I have no issue with, many of which are better than a lot of rares and maybe even an epic or two. But I do feel that Miragaia shouldn’t be capable of doing everything, especially when Ludia has stated that they don’t want tanks to become tank killers, (which is why they removed the armor piercing attack from nodopato a while back), the fact that Miragaia’s counter armor pierces directly contradicts that statement and I think they should own up to it.

Alternatively if it simply had lower damage, that might also help. But it’s capable (especially with boosts) of whipping out over a thousand damage per counter, more than enough to deal with a lot of early arena chompers. And while I don’t believe that the game should be balanced exclusively around early arena, I do believe when it comes to commons we have to take into account the fact that a lot of the people who will be facing those commons are going to be early arena, and who won’t have the option of simply using Thor or Allosino or even Rex.

I know a lot of low leveled players are frustrated with getting 0 - 3’d or 1 - 3’d due to the prevelance of Miragaia in the lower arenas, and while I’m not calling for Gaia to be nerfed into the ground, I do think that when it comes to easy to access commons (Miragaia is arena exclusive, but it’s exclusive to Arena 1. Fallen Kingdom, which makes it as easy to get as any other common really) it’s polite to take into consideration the people who aren’t playing at 3-4k+ trophies.


While I’m one that hates nerfs, you have a point in the case of lower arenas. I never got to use it there since when it came out it didn’t have a place in my team.

Unfortunately, rebalancing is often a necessary part of the game.

I also wasn’t in the lower arenas when Gaia came out, but my girlfriend and some of my friends who began playing after me are, and I often use peeking at their battles to run calculations or at least check up on the health of the meta at lower levels. Almost everyone on this forum are in the 3k+ trophy range, actually I would argue most or at least many are even in the 4k+ range, but focusing extensively on only one trophy range is unhealthy, everyone begins in the lower arenas, and it’s crucial that those metas stay fun and healthy so that people stick with and continue to play JWA, the current state of lower arenas is truly abysmal, my partner won’t play in the arena at all anymore for example, and will likely continue not to do so until they can get a good epic or legendary that can help curb some of the frustration resulting from Gaia’s existence. I can’t blame her, Miragaia is a monster in the lower ranks, there’s often no way to counter it well enough to prevent a loss.

Ludia is still very new to this particular genre of gaming, they’re still learning, and should be expected to balance out their slip ups as they continue to learn. Dracocera for example, absolutely needed to be rebalanced–and still does. Stygidaryx needs to be rebalanced (To improve it, not to nerf it, rebalancing goes both ways), and Miragaia needs to be rebalanced as well for its tier.

Again, I understand it’s frustrating to constantly have the meta being shaken up by nerfing, improving, and general rebalances, it’s not fun to have to constantly adjust your team and memorize changes, but the longevity of JWA depends on a healthy, fun arena system for every trophy range, and sometimes that means dinosaurs who had a little too much love put into them need to be toned down a bit.


True. I’m even more worried about the below level 10 folks being matched with boosted teams. I’m very glad I didn’t start the game in 1.7. Perhaps Miragaia could have the same counter as it’s hybrid as it would make sense, and a slight damage nerf.

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I definitely think that would work. I don’t think Gaia needs a huge nerf at all, just a little less than what it has now. Boosts are definitely an issue, I have my own opinions about how matchmaking should be reworked but that would take forever to get into =,D

I’m also glad I started when I did and not in 1.7+

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My questions to you are as followed, does this team carry you to the higher arenas? How does it work with it being a strictly defensive team?

I think it is. Miragaia has more dps than megalosuchus, and more resources. That dino is too much for commum one.