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Is monolometradon too strong; and other discussions

No I’m not complaining cause lots of people use it (if anything that be maxima and tryko like seriously for the love of stegodeus ludia just balance them) no I literally jus noticing that people are really putting it on there teams and boosting them…and they are actually very powerful like no joke I think I fear a monolometradon more than a freaking magna. I never thought I say that like just look at this…

Now I’m ludia wanted to balance things out but seriously monolometradon got buffed big time. Back in my day it was as many said a poor mans magna; yet now it more like a replacement for magna.
Seriously like this was the difference between them back in 1.14

Now this is the difference between them in 2.0

They are literally almost the same thing with the only difference being one impact, 50 attack, 3 speed, and 15% crit. Then you realize the problem

All you need to make monolometradon is monolophosaurus G2 and Dimetrodon G2 two commons that are very easy to get since their you know commons and literally everyone has a whole pile of commons in there dex; then just level them up to 15 then boom start fusing and investing it leveling it up to team level.

Compare that to Magna who you need epic and a rare that you need 200 per pop, which you then need to level up to 15 first and then you need fuse it into pyrritator, which then you need to fuse and level up to lvl 20. At the same time you also need to hunt for another rare and level that up to 20 then after all that you can START TO FUSE and that second rare you need 500 per pop plus 50 for the legendary per pop then hopefully you unlock but then you have to keep upgrading it up to team level. So see the problem basically no one has to try and fuse for or level up magna cause there is a cheaper if not better alternative.

But thylo, I hear you say, it’s slower, doesn’t have another impact and probably has worst resistances…to that I say…WRONG!

One yes it’s slower…so who cares we got boost forget nitro Thors boost those monolometradon to light speed baby. Not only that but thanks to it having even higher health that magna it mean more survivability against hard hitting speedsters or two certain kings of the meta one of them it can beat no problem and the other leave it severely weakened.

Two while yes it doesn’t have the double impact it actually works to it’s advantage as larger multiplayer nullifying moves have been nerfed to two turn cool downs yet it’s move has no cooldown.

Three, no actually in fact it has the same in one part even better resistance than magna

In conclusion I think it needs a very small tweaking it’s just too good especially for a common-common legendary, heck it should be in the same league as the rat. But I want to hear y’alls thoughts


Technically speaking, yes.

That said, it soft counters Maxima and Tryko, so for the love of everything do not touch it until those two are dealt with.


Lol well of course but the back lash to those two will get them nerfed enough and we know they working 2.1 already. But seriously it’s a common plus common legendary that better than a hard to make unique in some ways and cheaper to make.


I mean look at the dna difference

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I think it absolutely is. The main problem is that, like Magna, it doesn’t really have any weaknesses. Its a cunning creature that can’t be slowed, with a significant attack power and the ability to break shields to boot. And as a legendary made from two of the most common commons, it’s showing up very early in arena and dominating the meta down there. My girlfriend was running into them as early as Lockdown, if not sooner. And yeah, not having nullify as an impact denies it damage, but the nullification threat is there every turn! It’s actually the only dino in the entire game with nullifying strike now.

Thank you for making this topic. I was thinking of doing it myself, but you definitely went into more detail. I’m not sure how to nerf it exactly, but it needs a counter of some kind, right? Maybe only 75% deceleration resistance so it can be slowed down a bit? Edaphocevia is somewhat similar to Monolometerodon, a fierce/cunning hybrid with a lot of resistances. But it has only 50% deceleration resistance (which actually is basically useless in arena, so it’s essentially 0% resistance to deceleration) ensures that it can always be slowed down, preventing it from becoming too powerful.

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All I would change is taking away Monolometrodon’s Distraction resistance, which it gets from nowhere. And maybe lessen its Rend resistance too. Alright, and a damage nerf to 1150 or something.


It may counter these strong hybrids, but as Thylo pointed out Monolometerodon is far easier to make. It becomes relevant waaaaaaay before you ever see your first Tryko or Maxima. It’s simply far too strong for how easy it is to obtain. Let Magnapyritor fulfill it’s role at the higher ranks, and nerf Monolometerodon for the sake of everything else in the game.

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Yes and actually no you’ll see whenever my rework of the creatures are done

Magna is only 1/3 cunning; the rest is 2/3 fierce

Monolometradon is exactly 50/50


Lol ya just trying to hold back huh

The 50/50 fierce/cunning split is why I think you should be able to slow Monolometerodon, at least a bit. Slows are some of the best counters to cunning speedsters, and being able to gain that advantage against it would help a lot I think. I went with 75% because 50% doesn’t do anything in arena if you don’t have any speed control abilities (slows or speedups), and Monolometerodon has none.

It went from having 2 strikes and an Impact to 2 strikes and a Rampage. That’s a huge damage buff in itself.
It also has much more HP than Magna, so it should have considerably lower attack damage.

I can’t tell what number would be best without calculating all the important matchups, but I suppose 1300 would be more appropriate, so it can counter Ardontosaurus.


Either that, or make it’s rampage an impact again

Nah that’s would mad it trash just lower the attack it should be the inverse of magna

Magna: high speed, high attack, low helath

Monolometradon: mid speed: low attack, high health


Lol ya and maybe lower the speed so more cunning creatures can counter it but not too much that fierce and resilient counter it

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Honestly I think the 75% deceleration resistance would be the way to go. If my calculations are correct, this would put it’s speed at 109 after being slowed, which isn’t that bad at all. It would still be faster than all the big chompers and numerous other dinos. Somewhat ironically, this would be just barely faster than Ardontosaurus (and Maxima and Tryko, for that matter, though Tryko could slow twice in a turn to gain an advantage)! So it could still counter it, but it could make slowing more viable for some faster slowing creatures. So stuff like Dsungaia, Mammotherium, etc. could become counters for it (at least to some extent).


It should have speed between 119-122, remove distraction resistent, decrease rend resistant to 25%, decrease attack to 1300, keep the Rampage, nullify strike has 1cooldown, keep the speed resistant.

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Wait… did I miss something? Have they pre-related some 2.1 notes or something? Or is this a basis of hopeful thoughts based off of past experiences?

Probably wishful thinking I’m completely expecting a buff to resilient strike… like cleanse bleed or something.

In the past Ludias op creatures normally get atleast two patches to shine not always but I expect Ludia to justify the nerf to an ii as a need to buff resilient strike.

As mono goes? Rarity doesn’t mean anything to creature power to Ludia… sarco? Draco? Procerat?
So that argument can be thrown out… just saying Ludia seems to be in the favor of giving everything a chance to be played for atleast a patch. Sometimes rinex is stronger… sometimes utasino is stronger… and sometimes allosino is arguably better then Thor.

Mono is strong… and in a balanced world he wouldn’t be quite as strong as he is. But this is Ludia and as long as draco is currently as strong as he is and indom is better then indo and erli. In that world mono is fine.


I’ve always liked Monolometrodon and could easily have it at level 30. It would be my first, I just don’t have the coins.

I think the reason it’s been buffed is to give payers a decent counter to the crazy Ardentismaxima roaming the lower levels. Something the players can reasonably level and boost at any level. That’s cool isn’t it?

Yes it’s easy to come by, but it’s also relatively easy to counter. Especially now it can be distracted so for me, I see no problem. If anything Magna should get a bit of a buff, say make it only lose 25% to distraction.


Its a tankier magna with less speed imo.