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Is monolometradon too strong; and other discussions

Of course it’s too strong, and we’ll see more and more of it monstrously boosted until the next balancing update in a few months, or until nerfed. There is no reason for Monolometrodon to have these stats and these resistances, apart from Ludia’s glaring inability to balance their game. I’ve been leveling up mine to replace Magna since the damn Irritator is barely spawning (1-2 per hours of waiting at night is nothing).
Note that I don’t mind Mono being strong - sure, why not. What annoys me is the existence of a higher tier similar creature, much harder to make and level up, offering barely any improvement over this legendary. It’s just one of the quite many instances where balancing is a complete failure.

A 160 speed monometrodon is deadly and nearly sweeps my team and has more hp than magna.

I always knew that one day this “Thread” would come…



They can manage. Monolomet is too strong but it doesn’t beat literally everything in the game unlike the two wonder twins. We need every counter we can get.


75% rend resistance? Whaaat?

Overally, I’m very grateful that Monolometro is finally useful but I agree he needs a nerf. I think that monstrous rend resistance has to be reduced and distraction resistance should be too. And if it’s not enough, DSR to APR


If the balancing were up to the people in this discussion, Tryko and Maxima wouldn’t so desperately need counters in the first place.
If the balancing weren’t up to us, then there’d be no point in arguing.

I mean, pick one reality.

Lol that is hyperbole to say that it beats “everything”, but I will still argue that it is too strong in the lower arenas where the twins aren’t a factor. This is actually why I prefer the 75% speed reduction resistance, because it still leaves Monolometerodon fsster than these two even after it has been slowed. I also struggle to think of any creatures that can consistently counter it. At least for the wonder twins you have stuff like Thylacotator, but what would you say is the best counter for Monolometerodon? I guess the best you can do is distraction, but it’s partially immune to that, and can distrct you right back. But being able to slow it down slightly opens up a lot more counterplay options But my main argument is that similar to stuff like old Yoshi, it’s too strong for how easy it is to make. Maybe if one of the components had been an exclusive it would had been ok, but it’s too late for that now.

Monolometrodon and mags are both really strong, but for a different reason other than strength, which is still really good. They do lose a lot of matchups, but the problem is is that these matchups are creatures that are really bad. Take erlidom. It crushes both of these, but it is slaughtered in the current meta. Quetz is decent, but it still struggles. One of the best counters is probably phorasaura because it can do well in the current meta and kill both of these while also swapping out. Cunning creatures like spyx crush them, but in a resilient meta, these 2 are able to excel because of their suppression. So they aren’t busted due to stats, but rather the whole meta


Don’t forget about Monolometerodon having nullify every turn, so for dinos like Quetz that rely on dodge, speed up, etc. these strategies don’t really work.

Quetz doesn’t need dodge. It just goes strike+rampage and obliterates monolometrodon and mags. But true.


They said sidestep would change in 2.1; meaning ya they already are starting on it

Lol ya but come I expected it to be Monolorhino not monolometradon

True but still the problem is basically another proRATvs mimus or rinex vs Utahsino, or megalosuchus vs gorgosuchus or allosino vs Thor. Where you get a way better creature that does a better job in the meta, that easier and cheaper to make with no draw backs.
Yet in this case they aren’t even from the same like the latter 3; so it more like proRAT vs mimus but even then now it’s a very easy and I mean stupidly easy hybrid vs another which has for years been one of the hardest hybrids to create (seriously everyone had something holding them back on magna either bing the epic or one of the rares) and until now has become only just a bit easier to create. And there is like no difference between them


You wanna explain why you stole my first JWA Talks topic?

But anyway ya, for what it is it’s too good, a lot of people are overleveling it and that makes Magna and Monolorhino redundant if something this easy to make is so good.

And you don’t lose much from not choosing its unique or Magna, either…

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Lol oops sorry man didn’t mean to steal your thunder but like this came up after fighting 5 metrodons and them all being just team sweepers

Like the level 27 one I saw for no reason at all paired with Tyrannolopho. Why? Just why?

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basically anything that has deceleration immunity is in a good spot, most of them can take a rampage, and can a lot of damage to the current top tiers, so monolometro with its high attack, is an amazing spot.

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Ya it’s not that it’s good in the meta that’s the problem it’s that it’s so good and so similar to magna there is no reason to go thru the frustration of unlocking it

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correct, you can just boost monolometro, and then you’ve got your slightly healthier magna

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Like dracoceratops and dracocerato-

Did this dude I’m fighting really pull a dracocerato against my draco?

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