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Is monolometradon too strong; and other discussions

Well done, I’m right behind you in the top 50.

Not sure how it is an assumption when every day people are here in the forum complaining about one dino or the other being OP or trash. Are you saying you knew how every dino was going to be in the arena by only reading the patch notes?

It is an assumption because you have no idea if those players knew the base stats or not. You’re assuming that they don’t.

More or less. We didn’t know what some moves and abilities did, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Ardentismaxima would be incredibly powerful with 6k HP and 1.3k attack, coupled with dual Rampages.
Same with Trykosaurus with the ability to cleanse Distraction.

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Nothing I said was in reference to Tryk and Maxima. Knowing two dinos is not the same as knowing all of them. It has been over a month and there is still not a tier list completed yet so I would say very few people outside of the group from GamePress have experience with all the dinos on equal ground.

You did mention them specifically, so it was implied. Besides, you’re talking about people “calling something OP”, and the two creatures the most people are calling OP are Maxima and Trykosaurus.

Even if we ignore those two, and look at something like Spinoconstrictor, which you also specifically mentioned, you’re saying that people are calling it trash without knowing the base stats, which is a big assumption.

The fact is, you don’t know whether the people calling for nerfs know how good the creatures are on even grounds. Knowing the stats allows you to calculate the matchups, and even if you don’t want to do the math, a lot can be told at a glance.

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My Mono is 30 im planning on replacing my my max boosted Tany with him i replaced my 30 max boosted Anky for a Ardento. Just saving up boosts for mono since my magna is only 27

Well it might be balanced in the higher arenas like Aviary, but its a broken beast in the lower arenas. My friend in badlands faced against a highly boosted one and got sweeped. People are also more willing to spend boosts on it because of how relevant it is in the later metas. You don’t see very many boosted raptors, but you do see many boosted Monolos. And coming again to the point of how easy it is to get, just two commons! It’s easier to get than many epic hybrids, and most of its counters aren’t very relevant and get destroyed by the resilient meta. Like erlindom and erlispyx, they may counter monolo, but for any resilient creatures, these two are just free kills.

this might suprise you but indoraptor just so happens to beat it. you can just go for cleansing impact, then monologue will probably distract, but indo resists it enough to where it can kill it with DSR.

Again though, Indoraptor gets shut down by this meta. If it was a proper rock paper scissors, these creature could work. As of now though, they don’t, so it really doesn’t go well

Used to hate max boosted monos till i got mine to replace max boosted Tany!


Maybe we rework it from “unstoppable beast do not feed the monolometrodon boost otherwise we’ll speak with your parents” to “tank that can still punch you”
Nulyfing strike
Ferocious strike
Resis to rend 50%, DoT 100%, slow 100%, distraction 50%, stun 50%
I made it so that Lockdown dinosaurs can start to chip away health from her. I know ferocious doesn’t make sense but it still keeps that fierce element

Yes true, but poor indo just gets plain bullied by anything with a resilient move.

Dang nice team

I feel like ppl who hate boost use them y is that. I understand it’s because you want to get good and you need them but I mean that’s crazy dude for someone who hates boost. Also I’m not judging cause honestly I do the same