Is Monolometrodon good for my team?

I’m looking for a replacement for Paramoloch since Stygi DNA is hard to come by, and I was wondering if Monolo was good. I think I would benefit from having another immune creature on my team, but I wanted to hear from you guys first.

In all honesty no .
I found it hopeless by the time I reached Lockwood . And by then it was level 27 and way before boosts were introduced .

I still use it. Put a small boost on mine I think tier 2. Its decent, but I haven’t got enough battles in with its buff. Its definitely not a dracoceratops though. Even though both use common dna to fuse. And a boosted DCRat can one shot it if its boosted well.

Still one of my favorites I keep the rat on the bench for Monolo. But being honest that actually hurts me. But I don’t care.

Ok, I guess Monolo is a no go.

I used it one time to try it out and kicked it immediately. Just not enough damage.