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Is Monolometrodon Too OP? (JWA Talks #1)

Welcome to a new series, JWA Talks! This one will be weekly, not the battle one. I hope. Basically, what we do on this one is select a random topic I think people might enjoy the discussion of.

Today, we talk Monolometrodon, a hybrid completely usurped by Magnapyritor Pre-2.0 that is now actually comparable to the fluffy synapsid.

In terms of full arena, no. Monolometrodon is no threat to the bigger tanks, and even the likes of the Indoraptors, Erlidominus, Spyx, and even Magna, the one it’s meant to clone. But when we begin to actually compare it to Magnapyritor, things become interesting…

First of all, yes, Monolometro is nothing more than a poor man’s Magna. This was the case pre-2.0. After 2.0, lots of people have began to use it along with Magna. So what makes it so special?

First of all, let’s compared the two.

Firstly, Monolo has a better health stat of 4200 over Mag’s 3900, but that’s about it. Every other stat favors Mag’s.

However, not by much.

All that hunting for Dimetrodon, Pyroraptor, and now Irritator for 50 extra attack, 3 extra speed, 15% extra crit.

As far as resistances go, they both have the same, except for Monolo’s 75% rend resistance, compared to Mag’s 50%, a bigger difference than it seems.

Overall, you won’t be losing much if you choose the easy route of Monolometrodon. Two commons that easily spawn via Giga Scent over hunting for 2 rares and and epic?

However, if you choose Magna, remember that it is less likely to be nerfed, meaning your hard work may pay off one day.

Pros Of Choosing Monolo:
-Less hunting (two easily obtained commons)
-Better health and rend resistance

Cons of Choosing Monolo:
-More likely to be nerfed
-Has a hybrid that can always get buffed

Pros Of Choosing Magna
-Less likely to be nerfed
-Overall better stats
-Is a superhybrid

Cons Of Choosing Magna
-More hunting (a rare, another rare, and an epic, all hard to obtain)
-Less health and rend resistance

Hope you like this stuff. I’m not sure if I’ll continue it or not. Leave a comment if you want to continue the discussion, and I’ll catch you here next week, I think.


Everything cannot be slowed and can break shields are now high apex. Thanks to the broken invincibility and resilient moves.

Hmm, not really. They both have great movesets, but I have yet to encounter a Monolometrodon with close to or more than a 160 speed, which is where I think Magnapyritor has a huge advantage over a lot of other creatures.


Agreed. I saw a 138 speed Monolo raised
to level 28 and I sort of laughed and thought, “Hey that’s not Magna.” :joy: It died.

Hmmm…idk I don’t think so

Had a lv30 nitro monolometro wipe out my team so it’s definitely worth looking into, but the way it was boosted, there was no skill or strategies involved at all

I think we’ve hit peak Monolometrodon…

Seeing as it’s every bit as good as Magna in the current meta, I really don’t blame anybody for investing in it.
I can see a hard nerf coming in 2.2 though


Another con for using Monometro is that it will be stuck with a Strike for one turn, where Magna can easily cycle Impact-Rampage-Impact-Rampage

The pro there is that you can nullify whenever it’s needed; Magna can only nullify every two turns

But which creatures need to be nullified in the higher leagues? Most of the time DSS can just do fine if we are talking about Shields(which are very dominant in the leagues).

If the meta were to revolve around positive effects, nullification evry turn could be beneficial, which is what nullification is for. You also have Quetzorions and Mammolanias running around in Shores, which again nullification can guarantee you either get a good enough hit or survive a little longer. These situations are specific but can happen