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Is Monomimus a Crit machine?

I know it is probably bad luck but a few days ago had one do 3 attacks getting 2/3 critical. I thought that was odd. Then a few hours later I fought another one and it got 2/4 to crit. Weird again…

I took a day off of battling to run a 24h incutator a settle my nerves. Second fight back Level 27 Mono, it evasives, then a distracting impact THAT CRITS again. I killed it on turn 3 so it went 1/2 crits.

I dont run her so Im just wondering if anyone who does see an abnormal amount of 5% crits.

yes its a crit and cloak machine untill i put her on my team…


Same here! :slight_smile:

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I find that some Dino’s 5% tends to crit quite often while others don’t. Perhaps I just notice because it irks me so but man, Tragodistis’s rampage crits way more than 1/20th the time. While on the other hand my Dracorex gen 2 has never critted.

Seems like the only time my dinos ever crit is on the final hit when they would have died even if I didn’t crit…


My Tenontorex, Indo and Monostegotops Crit pretty well. The rest of my team pretty rarely. But on that rare occasion that Utarinex crits on the distracting rampage it becomes almost an auto-win. Monomimus is still a tough dino to fight. Anyone who says otherwise has not faced a level 30 one. It looks like an Ostrich but hits like a gorilla.

You are only half correct, only your opponent’s monomimus is a crit machine!

Yes my crits only come on the last hit as well which upsets me everytime. It never gets old.

Enemy cassowary kick sure crit :v

I never have an issue with it that’s why I never powered it up and used it on my team. Its trash.

My tryo never seems to crit anymore… my indom seems to crit way more then any of my other 20%.
And my thor either doesnt crit at all or crits every single attack… tragod seems to crit against me everytime i fight one.