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Is Mortem Rex strong?

Looking at the raid boss release video, Mortem Rex will have 4500 health, 2000 attack, 108 speed, and 40% critical chance. It has, more or less, the same moveset as Epic Rex (with an extra cleansing impact). As an Apex Tier isn’t it supposed to be better than uniques? Even Allosaurus Gen2 has more health and equal critical chance… :roll_eyes:

Considering the Thor nerf (losing Rampage and 4 speed), it’s a stronger version of Thor now. Not sure if those stats exactly reflect a rarity stronger than a Unique, but it’s still strong nonetheless.

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Allo g2 has 30% crit not 40

40% in 2.0

It’s basic attack hits all enemies and it has the highest attack and crit chance in the whole game with tons of health and a cleansing move what more do you want?


For me it fine because it start at LV 26
But ATK is highest in Lv 26 dino

It’s attack is the highest at 26, that means it’s the highest at any level.

Okay thanks i never know that

I think the lab pic of Mortem Rex is the “balanced” playable version.

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I think yes

He is new chomper
If someone don’t know stat
Hp 4500
ATK 2000
Speed 108
Armor 0%
Crit rate 40%
His move set
Roar(AOE basic move )
Fierce impact
Fierce Rampage
Cleansing impact
Decelerating 100%
Stun and swap prevention 75%

I just asking because I need chomper
Dot and vulnerable 50%


Probably not for some time since you can only get some of its DNA every week.


He is defently Tyrant, I don’t know if High or Low, but tyrant…

I have team to fight raid

It has 100 atk more then Rexy.
Nearly same moveset.
Same Hp.
The resis are nonsense.

It is a very little upgraded t-rex, but t-rex wasnt that good anyway.

Perhaps with all changes coming M-Rex will find his place, but i cant believe he is better then other chompers. Even Allo g2 looks much stronger then this guy…


It’s not about being able to defeat the boss. The amount of Boss DNA you get is fixed.

Idk what should I do

at your level I recommend using him because of the 26 level starting point

Ok thanks for advice


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