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Is mutual fury a joke?

Don’t get me wrong it seems like a very balanced and tempting move because I had used it for Indominus and Indoraptor Gen2 during the tournaments with moderate success, but I have never seen anyone else use it either in tournaments or the arena. Is it just me?

I play Indom2 regularly on my team, and use it when appropriate.


its a very situational move. I’d rather only use it if im facing a faster opponent that i can 1shot with the extra damage and speed.


I think it’s just you using them on indo and indom 2s is super op against the opponent since it’s basically a mix of ferocious strike with cleansing except no damage is done plus you gain speed I saw a lot of people use it in the tournament helped me take down a maxima with indo once

Yet depends on the situation

It’s a better version of ready to crush

Think of it like Ready To Crush’s cousin. It’s a powerful move, but one that can only be used in a narrow range of conditions, and it’s a gamble. When?

  • You’re already under Evasive but your rampage is on cooldown (and, as a corollary, you’re predicting that the opponent will hit invincibility
  • You have the speed advantage, and/or you’re confident that you can take a hit from the opponent and survive
  • You need a boost on your Rampage to take the opponent down
  • You know there’s no swap-in risk.
  • You have enough health to sustain 1.5x the opponent’s attack, but not enough to survive that plus 1.5x the counter-attack.

Example: You’re up against a full-health Tryk and you have full health and Evasive. If you attack with Cautious Strike and Rampage, you know you can’t kill it and won’t survive the attack and counter-attacks. So you pass on doing damage now for Mutual Fury; take the hit; use Cautious Strike to reduce the opponent’s damage by 50%, then hit the Tryk with Rampage.

It’s a gamble, yes, but one that can pay off.

Mutual Fury is not a joke, but you know what is a joke? Boosting The Rat


Mutual Fury is good if you are slower and you can cleanse wounding.
Spinatasuchus wounds you and your Entelodon does Mutual Fury. Then you become faster and no DoT harms you. Compare that to when you use Mutual Fury with Indoraptor GEN 2.
Basically, it depends on the situation. Want to be faster? Use it. Want to cleanse DoT? Use it. My only recommendation is no using it on counter attackers.

Mutual Fury is a joke till Swap in Rampage exist.

It worked great for me when my opponent used it, not quite understanding how it works!

Best used if your slower and your not going to get taken out by there first move, or your up against something that is going to slow you there first turn use it after they have slowed you, again as long as they are not going to take you out their next turn.

Actually you only use mutual fury when you are slower than your opponent otherwise you would definitely get a lot of damage.

The point of mutual fury is to land a devastating second hit on a faster opponent, take indominus Rex gen 2 and sarcorixis for example. Sarco goes for ferocious impact T1 and indom g2 goes for MF T1, then it lands a devastating rampage on the sarco, it’s risky to use MF but it’s a great move to use, if your using mutual fury when your faster, your using it wrong, in order to use it properly you need to be slower and once you use MF you will be faster, but make sure your opponent isn’t too fast or your not too slow, so for example if your speed is 102 don’t use MF if your opponent is 130.

It’s a seriously underrated move. Mutual fury is what makes IndomG2 tyrant in epic tournaments, and allows IndoG2 to defeat it’s supposed “counters.”

I don’t think it’s just tyrant. Indom G² is a God when everything is on its side. Invincibility is the only bane. And sometimes Evasion too.

I use it on my smaller account with Indom 2 only if it will give me the speed advantage and I am reasonably sure I will be able to take out my opponents dino. So if they have something with a speed that 10% to my speed will not beat, then I will not use it.

I never use it with Indo 2, its too easy to just cautious, cautious, definite, cautious, cautious, definite, cautious, cautious, definite, and win. At the very least, Indo g2 takes out 2 of their team every time using only cautious and definite. It really is ridiculous how OP Indo 2 is.

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