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Is my account cursed or set as unlucky (by Ludia)?

I really want to know if there is something like cursed or set as unlucky account?

As @Smithy270492 mentioned in Anyone found Carbonemys yet? here that he can find 3+ Carbo every day. And told where he find them.

I actually traveled to Richmond Park, London, UK (around 7 hours driving to reach there) only for this and spent more than 8 hours in park today (5+ hours game was on) and also lots of that time around Pen Ponds.

Found only 1x Carbo and before I react to it; he de-spawned. I though found 3x T-Rex, 2x Spino, 2x Pternadon and 1x Erliko on 5 mins scent. FYI @Wwwoodchuck

Now I want ask is my account set as unlucky whereas other players have really lucky accounts?


I have spent many hours going through parks and to several aquariums, and so far only one Carbo since it was released. I don’t think it is your cursed account - Carbo may just be super difficult to get right now.

I have heard of a couple people saying they got a lot of Carbo, but they may be spending even more hours hunting it.

I am giving up on it for now, until they fix the scents working in the park bug. Too much time wasted when I could be looking for other epics.


Hey mate! I’m gutted you didnt have better luck :frowning: Richmond Park always such a good winner for me. I wish there was more I could suggest, I think it has to drill down to pure dumb luck! I admit I did spent near on a week fully dedicated to hunting the turtle (I swear I’m not too addicted to this game!). So maybe it was just luck?

Keep at it mate, I always find just when I’m about to give up a search… that’s when my luck changes :slight_smile:

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What did you do during the 3 hours you were at the park but not playing the game? I must know.


You just got unlucky. It’s amazing the lengths some people would go to do avoid saying “I just got unlucky.” It’s always “Ludia is messing with me” or something dumb like that.

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The turtle is really tough to find. It’s all luck. You don’t have a closer park? One you can swing by frequently just checking it or even going in it for 1 hour or so…

You don’t need a special park you need lucky moments.

I’m starting to wonder the same thing. :sweat_smile: I go to the parks on a regular basis and I have yet to find one. :turtle::mag:

Turtles are not known for being fast, so maybe they are migrating very slowly? :wink:


well for the people that already have the * jurassic park mutant ninja turtle * are you all aware that ninjas do use a * vanishing trick / invisibility thingy * you know ! so far i have hunted through no less than 20 plus parks and not one sign of it ( turtle ) zip, nil, zilch, zero, nada, not gonna happen well at least not in our lifetimes lol :rofl: :scream: :rofl:


I was sort of (officially) working … So in-between game session; doing some office work :slight_smile:

I have lots of parks around, even some big ones. Living in a big city. I just went there to see if I can be as lucky as Smithy

I know, but nobody can deny that developers can manipulate randomness for their own favour (lots of ways and reasons to do that, as I am also a developer though not game developer) :slight_smile:

Lately I am on an unlucky streak as well. All 10’s for the most important fuses, for the Uniques I care about the most.
I know that in the big picture things balance out, as in if you take all fuses and get their average, It will be around the expected average given the probabilities.
Humans tend to remember much more what doesn’t go their way as opposed to what does, so I know that the game is not rigged against me or anything, but all those 10’s still s***.

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Sure, it is possible. In theory. It just makes no sense. It’s extremely complicated to keep a record of “RNG data” in order to select certain random seeds based on a specific situation. An easier thing would be to for example set a specific dino (like magna) to have less positive fuses. Not sure this is the case because I have no data to back up whether the fuses of magna are in general lower than others.
In any case: you’re gonna need proof. If you would keep a record of all RNG based values from all players, there would clearly be averages and peaks, but hard to conclude that specific people are targeted by an evil RNG overseer. I call bogus. I also can’t think of many good reasons why Ludia would implement such a thing.

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