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Is my amphibian lineup ok now?

So i have got 3 diplosuchus. 4 one will come as well and i am also 1 ichtyostega away from maxing it. So thats 5 good

amphibians who can battle on their own. Now my question is whom to focus on now?

If that’s the top of your lineup… add some more carnivores. You can never have too many.

I have already thought about that. Another rajastega and spinoraptor should suffice? And also an indominus rex once i max my t rex?

Sure, or working on some legendaries too, you’ll want those eventually for the hybrids.

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Yeah ia m also working on ostafrikasaurus and suchomimus

I-Rex at L10 has lower stats than a T-Rex at L40, therefore you should aim to get a L20 I-rex as soon as you fuse them, which has 2517 health and 962 attack. Hence with your current lineup, I recommend you don’t fuse your L40 T-Rex when you get it.

Doesn’t indominus at level 10 has a lesser cooldown than t-rex?

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The shame part is that even a level 10 indominus would have more ferocity than my current strong creature. Now think about it.

I-rex L10: 1470/561 3265 ferocity with 06:56 cooldown
T-rex L40: 1603/612 3561 ferocity with 07:33 cooldown