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Is my fight for funds supposed to be like this?

Lately I have noticed that in my fight for funds event I am facing some really strong opponents, I’m pretty sure they haven’t been that strong before and I haven’t increased my top ferocity for a long time.

Honestly this team has higher average ferocity than some tourney match-ups in dominator league.
This is my current top

In comparison, here are screenshots of fight for funds from endgame players, whose top ferocity is much higher than mine.

(Screenshots provided by @Aether_12 and @Jurassic_Fury )
Now, this event wasn’t too hard to do, but in most other events I usually use creatures with ferocity around VIPs 10, but here I had to resort to the top of my line-up.
So I’m wondering how is this calculated, tapejalocephalus 1 has been the top of my line-up for a more than a month now but fight for funds has become like this only recently, is it affected by the park level perhaps?


I feel your event is a little too tough for your Lineup. I think that you can use the best creatures in your roster and may be able to win, but yes it does seem extra cranked in difficulty than it should be.


Agreed, if you look at my last fight for funds battle all 3 of those carnivores I faced are on par if not a bit weaker than the 3 your facing :thinking:

My top creature has 3k health and 200 more attack than your top


I am noticing a tiny difference in ferocity with mine but not too much
My top dino: ~5700 ferocity
Fight 4 funds: low 6000 ferocity
My only theory is the game is like: INCREASE YOUR TOP FEROCITY ALREADY
That team is harder than my fight 4 funds

Edit: this was my Fight 4 funds

That last one was because I knew there was no more jurassic battles for non-VIPs


My Fight For Funds was apparently not so difficult but the AI played so well that even some of my better creatures couldn’t win.

And then Fury unleashed his fury… He gave his opponents the Indoraptor Treatment. :smiling_imp:

Yep, I know bringing a 3 Indoraptor Team was a horrible desicion but I was already tried and frustrated enough that I just had to. :woozy_face::joy:

Even though I normally don’t use them in PvE, I’m glad they will be out of cooldown for the events refresh.

… Just in case.


Is this flying thing a Dilopho Gen 2?-


Yes, it is. :joy:

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Lvl 40 or more?

Go to see How can I improve my lineup?to see my f4f today… i wrote a funny comment…

Ahahahajjjhjghjk “that flying thing” :rofl:


Endgame players like @Fury:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: (flattered Fury sounds) :rofl:


I am so frustrated with Fight for Funds lately. I have been completely outclassed by it for weeks. I think it goes up by level and unfortunately my level goes up quite fast as I buy and place dinos and buildings and do quests. But I’m not a VIP so now I need LP creatures or ones that take a week to hatch, my line-up progress is really slow. I am stuck.

Luckily other fights aren’t as bad.

Here’s today’s first lineup; I lost badly against the Darwinopterus. Best herbs too weak.! Any tips?
Screenshot_20210202-181337_Jurassic World|690x318

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dont worry you have not seen my batles. I feel like they make this pack and challenge for the sole reason to make people feel either bad or extremely good because they can crush opponents who are way stronger than them

As long as your working on your skills and keeping top dinos free you should be able to beat all three battles without using bucks to speed up dinos

Your battles are looking pretty easy. Your also only 2 levels lower than me. So I guess some weeks it just depends becuase my dinos probably had three times those stats for health and attack.

That is very hard for your top dinos

Today I faced a therizinosaurs with 11k health and 2.3k attack. Just thought it was funny since this was a tough opponent and your name is Therizino

Thats not super hard for him. Just put in a tricerotops. then concavenator. then indominus. Or you could skip the trike and put in a tank and he could use something like an amphibian that is weaker than indominus

What I am saying is that the ferocity difference is huge. Sphena is ~1700-2000 ferocity better than his indom

@Cave_Johnson Your match up does seem out of wack with being 79.54% stronger than your top three.

Typically F4F is 20-40% stronger than your top three.