Is my lineup ok?

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I’d say you’re riding the thin line between fine and unbalanced.

Your S-Tier roster ends at your 3rd Zalmonodon. In total you have 8 dinos (from the looks of it) in this tier.

Your A-tier is from your Concavenator L20 to Megalo L30, which has 10 dinos.

Overall you look starved for Amphibians, and your roster looks shallow. Everything from Super Rare and below isn’t worth including in your roster screenshots because they will only have a small impact during very certain events -like commons only, or beginning tournament ranks.

My advice:

  • it’s safe for you to take Tapejalocephalus to L10.
  • get more base legendary dinos to L40.
  • get more Diplosuchuses and get them to L20/21.
  • focus on getting more hybrids, like Koolasaurus, Ostaposaurus, Stegoceratops, Ankylodocus, etc
  • work towards getting Monostegotops
  • get VIPs to L30, or L21 if you don’t want to pass your L10 Armormata.
  • Stop buying Tourney Hybrids, and focus on getting everything north of Super Rares (meaning base legendaries, tourney dinos, SR hybrids) to L40
  • passively work on growing your lower roster by collecting all dinos and getting them to L40, so you have them ready for when you want to start creating hybrids. Don’t sell these lower rarities quite yet because they will be monumental during tournament runs, and for creating hybrids (and subsequently S-Hybrids).

It’s a good start, but it seems you may have rushed too fast to get to park level 81 when your roster is on the brink of failure.

I hope this helps :crossed_fingers:


To help you out, since I have kept my Armormata at L10 this is an example of what I’m talking about with my suggestions:

(Tany marks the levels that L30 VIPs would be at over Armormata)


Yeaa, so I have an i rex gen 2 unlocked, spent all my resources to make an indoraptor gen 2, Then i got 2 indoraptor gen 2s, so I had to sell them. Then I started making the tourney hybrids

also, i have 2k mono dna, and stegoceratops unlocked

i dont like koolasaurus very much, due to its stats, but ill definetly consider making ostaposaurus.

I have been waiting for a gorgo cot or tornament, so I can get gorgosuchus

How bot my aquatic lineup?

I would keep building the aquatics little by little. It looks fair for now.

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Hi, your post realy helped, currently im creating ostaposaurus, got my super tape to lvl 10, and have 1973 mono dna

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Pretty much what @William_William said. Just keep adding to your aquatic park and in due time when you have multiple duplicates you can evolve them to make your aquatic roster stronger. The most balanced roster for the aquatic park is L20 VIPs, L30 Tourneys, L40 Base Legendaries, L30 Super Rare Hybrids, L20 Legendary Hybrids, and L10 Tourney Hybrids. Then just get the Super Rares to L40 when you can, but don’t focus them since they are relatively weak.

What can I work on for my new and improved lineup? I am working on gett ing another lvl 30 ostapo, along with 1 lvl 40 diplosuchus, 1 lvl 30 diplo, and 1 lvl 20 diplosuchus.

also, I will be getting 3 lvl 10 zalmonodons very soon.

Not sure what you have unlocked tournament dino wise and hybrid wise but I would invest in anything but carno’s at this point.

Metria hybrid is a must and you will never out grow it. Personally I would hold off on any more Zalmonodon’s for now. Lvl 20 Tape shybrids will get you just above lvl 20 Zalmonodon ferocity. I’d focus on a few high end herbs, more armormata, a few segno’s, and then probably a few gorgosuchus.

The carno’s will come by themselves especially if you have a small chunk of raptor s dna.

Just my 2 cents.


Thank you so much for the advice. I will hold off on the zalmonodons