Is my team any good?

Screenshot_20181214-163021 Screenshot_20181214-163030 Screenshot_20181214-163048

2.300ish trophies, local 4,not VIP, please help me

If your in Area 4 then I would say that you should really make a push to get Tragodist.
If you can find enough Diplocaulus I hear that a leveled up Diplotator can be extremely effective.
I wouldn’t just focus on having everything as an epic for the sake of it, it doesn’t make a balanced team. There are some very good commons and rares you could use. Commons like Velociraptor for the early game Tanycolagrius (whcih will carry you mid-game and help defend against the blasted Indos), even Majungasaurus is worth overlevelling (but I prefer Lythronax), but it all really depends upon what you see the most of being able to level it up. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the help Kitalon

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