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Is my team balanced?

3 fierce,2 cunning,2 resilient, and 1 wild card
(Im planning to replace secodonto with thyla when i unlocked it),is this balanced?

It’s pretty good. Overall, not much you really can replace for now. But Seco to Thyla wouldn’t be bad. Overall, just play the game how you want to. If you like a Dino, use it.


Agree. Overall balanced but what Dino you find is about where you are in the map. For now in my place the T-Rex is unfindable. So it’s specified on your area good hunting and luck

Well now I know what he wants monolo deleted/monominimused.

But as far as team balance, you’re good.

If you’re finding swappers a problem gryposuchus is a handy fierce to keep the opponent in place. And carbonemys is a good resilient with it’s high armor stat, but it does get shut down hard by fierce. If you’re keeping your class balance in mind, there’s no harm in experimenting with other stuff.


At that level balance doesn’t matter lol raptors are good tho u should get some ppl to carry you through legendary raids I did that with a low level friend with a team like yours and got him a mamotherium

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Is swap your rhino for sino, he has swap and stun plus dig in that’s really useful lower in the arena. And definitely use a raptor

Seem to be a bit lacking in the swap-utility department imo, but not bad

Definitely lacks Monolometrodon! It would bring balance.

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oh boy what a fun conversation starter

i would def get rid of koola

Been ages since ive played and has been many changes since then so commenting on team makeup wouldnt be coming from a strong position of current game knowledge, however that being said what I used to do was record my battles and play them back later, study the losses and work out WHY I lost…for instance was my team lacking speed? not enough nulls? tactical mistakes made?

Knowledge is power…unless knowledge faces a maxed out Thor, then knowledge is mushroom.

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