Is my Team good enough for the Marshes?

Hello again wonderful people of the forums! I’m back again to ask for some valuable information from you wonderful people!

Is my Team good enough to compete in Sorna Marshes? This is my current group of dinosaurs right now.

Are any of these dinosaurs worth replacing any in the line up?

What dinosaur(s) should I invest my coins (when I get some) into?

Sorry for all the questions, and thanks in advanced :grin: I’m currently at the 2.6-2.7K trophy range right now.

You’ve got a good team for sorna marshes. I’ll just mention 2 points:

1.Now stegosaurus DNA is not as easy to obtain as before, leveling up both stegodeus and stegoceratops will require a lot of stegosaurus DNA. Now the difference among the 3 legendary tanks based on the nodopatosaurus is not that big, you can consider leveling up giga if you find stegosaurus DNA to be an issue. If not, you can continue to level up stegodeus.

2.Because irritator is scarce, pyrritator may not be able to stay long on your team. Plan ahead and find possible replacement for it.

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Should be ok for Sorna.
Try to go after Monostegotops as it’s now really good in arena, especially lvled up. It will take a lot of now rare Stegosaurus DNA, but it’s worth.
Also consider leveling up Allosino or/and making Utahsino.

I’m working on Monostegotops to replace Stegoceratops, I just need Monolophrosaurus DNA. As for a replacement for Pyriiratator, I’m working on Utahsinoraptor. I’m also working on Spinotahsuchus, Alankylosaurus and Dracoceratops. Would any of those make a good replacement for any dinosaur in my line-up? I’m also working on Postimetrodon’s hybrid, would he make a good replacement?

  • I don’t recommend keeping both allosino and utasino because they share the same epic DNA, it’s better to choose one route and focus on it.

  • For stegocera vs monostego, monostego is a little bit better when consider diversity, but stegocera is way easier to level up. If your coins is a big limiting factor, you can slowly grinding monostego, but if you have a lot of coins but just lacking DNA, I would say go for stegocera.

  • Currently dracoceratops is not a good hybrid, draco gen 2 is very good but it’s probably going to get nerfed.

Go get Tryostronix asap, barionice now is a global spawning so keep grinding and level it up quickly. Immune dinos are the best now (could you please tell us what you usually face in the arena right now?)

Level up allosinosauro, I climbed 200 trophies while unlocking and level her up (now lev 18, hopefully lev 19 within this weekend).
I am puzzled why you levelled up spinutaraptor and not working on spinotasuco… caprosuco is a global spawn as well. :wink:

DLIN DLON ADVERTISEMENT HERE :rofl: I would suggest you to change pyrritator (both pyroraptor and irritator are not so easy to farm) with tanycolagreo. More speed, more easy to farm and level up + another nullifyng move on your team. :wink:

Aww I am really addicted on this dino! :heart_eyes: :sweat_smile:

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You could have Tragodistis at level 17 and it would be a very good piece of your team. He entered my team and has never left and I am in almost 5000.

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I’m currently working on Trystonix (140/200), Baryonyx is kinda rare for me. I’m at the 2.7k trophy range, the highest I’ve been is 3.1k, at the current range I’m at I seem to face level 16-18 Legendaries, it’s usually Indominus Rex, Stegodeus, Paramoloch and Tragodistis.

I leveled up Spinotahraptor cause I can’t hunt at night so I have to depend on Sents to get Kaprosuchus, last weeks special event helped alot to get Kapro up to level 15. I’ve started fusing Spinotahsuchus (30/200)

As for Tany I’d like to level her up but Coins are my main concern. I’m also working on Utahsinoraptor would he be a good replacement for Pyriitator? Thanks for the help :grin:

Here’s a few of my recent opponents.

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In my opinion, I would not invest on both Sinoceratopo’s hybrids, cause I live in L4 and I barely see a Sino in the wild every two months… :sweat_smile:

I am seeing a lot of stunning / bleeding in your recent opponent list, so yes you definetively need another immune dino on your roster. :+1: Good luck on your tryostronix fuses!

If you are concerned aobut tany, just try out your velo, lev 17 as the max opponent you screened, should work well.

Let us know what you decide and how it goes! I usually play 10-15 fights with new dinos so that I can see a more balance statistic, not taking into much consideration the loosing streak / winning streak due to RNG. :wink:

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Umm what Sino hybrid should I continue working on then? Allosinosaurus and Thor seems like my easiest way with Sino DNA but I hear great things about Utarinex and Utahsinoraptor, I’m kinda conflicted as to which one i should pour Sino DNA into.

I’ll try V-Raptor on my line-up soon, I’ll let you guys know how that works out. Thanks again for all the help :grin:

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Utarinex is indeed a great dino and needs to be unlocked. I just fear this will be a long way grind cause we are talking about a super hybrid and you already unlock allosino, but yes if you are not going to level up allosino, you should go for utasinoraptor (then benching pyrritator).

Allosino or utasino? I am not the right person to answer, I wasted 2 months searching the answer for my team :sweat_smile: I was tempted as well with Utarinex but I realized it would have takien me long time for this and, having already unlocked indoraptor, I choose a slow tank buster.

Good luck on the battlefield! :slight_smile: :+1: