Is my team good enough to complete the VIP tournament?

I sold my indoraptors 2 weeks ago since it unbalanced my team way to much. I’m working on lvl up my other dinosaurs and still has a way to go but it takes time with the hatchlings times, etc.
So I’m wondering if my team is good enough to try or should I focus on something else?

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Try focusing on Koolasaurus and Unayrhynchus. Also consider getting a Carnoraptor and Ostaposaurus

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@JurassicFan Thanks for the advice! Unfortunately I can’t get the carnoraptor, I still need 5 more pyroraptors.

I would maybe recommend Stegoceratops instead of Unayrhynchus: it’s much cheaper, hatching time is hugely faster, can be “upgraded” to super-hybrid and has sufficient ferocity at level 30 (tournaments-wise, I mean)…

I’m already in the progress of making my second lvl 30 stegoceratops. Only problem is I have about 30 dinosaurs to hatch including 5 that take 1 week each. And another 15 legendary.

I understand. That could be a real pain…
But I guess prioritization is the key :slight_smile:
I am about to hatch 8 new stegoceratops in couple of minutes (during today’s discount) just to add some additional herbivores. Will have to spend a lot of DB to speed up hatching, but it is currently my highest priority…

I agree with this, but he already has a unayrhncus at 10 also so hatching another one out and putting it to 20 will help him aswell

Stegos wont help him in legendary rumble events also


Till then consider getting Suchomimus and Ostrafrikasaurus to Lvl 40. Also Apatosaurus is a really good option for a tank. As for Therizinosaurus and stuff like that, don’t use then as tail enders because they have an irritatingly low attack. If you can’t get Carnoraptor, aim for either Spinotahsuchus if you have the S-DNA, I Rex Gen 1 or Rajastega because believe me they won’t let you down.

The suchomimus is locked and I still need 3 more and I’m already working on getting the Ostrafrikasaurus to lvl 40. I can’t get the Rajastega but I will buy I Rex gen 1. Thanks for the advice!

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