Is my team good for 3986?

I have 3986 cups and i’m not sure if this is a good team

yes and no. try to get a quetzorion and somewhat at least a dilophoboa and you might be good to go

It’s an awesome team!

Thank you :smile:

Ok i’ll try to get a quetzorion

Quetz uses event exclusive dna so that might not be too easy. They’ve been throwing a lot of Quetzacoatlus dna at us recently, so hopefully you’ve been darting those. Ideally, you’ll probably want to replace 6 or 7 of the dinos on your team at some point, however, that will only be possible if you collect loads more dna for various creatures. Your team is fine for the moment since you’re just working with what you have, but once your acquire more dna, look to replace basically all of your creatures with stronger uniques. You’ll get there but it will take some time. Don’t skip any event dinos and dart EVERYTHING!

Thank you for the advice, i will focus on getting thor

I think its a good team. But why does every creature have a tag?

Actually I looked but and I realized not all of them

It’s for creatures i want or need the dna of

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Ok makes sense