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Is my team good for dominator?

These are my top 4 groups of dinos, I am wondering whether it may bring me to dominator? Im also getting diplotator to lvl 30 and tapejalosaurus to lvl 20 btw.

It may seem a bit sour but nope. You team is now good for predator but not for the dominator, Your first 3 dinos may do a little work but would cost loads and loads of bucks and would be overpowered so you can’t do it. A better option would be to stay on predator and and get your bench Deep enough to finish in Dom.

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The short answer…no. You can make Predator, but Dominator would be impossible with the current lineup, even with the improved Tappy.


I can’t imagine that you are ready at the moment to finish in dominator. Keep improving your lineup, don’t try to force it.


Ok, thanks guys

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I finished in Predator last week with a lineup a lot weaker than yours.

My first tournament finish was in Predator with level 40 rares and level 20 Super Rares.

It was not a bracketed tournament.

I can get a lvl 25 diplotator or a lvl 20 tapejalosaurus, which should I do?

diplotator, you dont currently have any amphibians on your first page

Remember when you guys said I wouldn’t get to dominator? Well…

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It is not surprising! We are speaking on a overall basis,you have to spend Dino bucks if you want to stick till the end. This tournament will change tides,Brachiosaurus is one of the most awaited and loved creatures,plus its a new creature, and its the second best tournament creature,so Ludia will slowly but surely change he pace

Maybe they could oh Idk make it hard but you only need a little bit of trophies to get into dominator

This is what we thought ,the Indominus Rex Gen 2 tournament was slow for the first 2 days and then changed pace

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That way its Ostrfrikasaurus Good

Could we petition Ludia for 600 trophies to get into dominator because its so hard?

I don’t think that will ever happen.

All tournaments are that hard.

Yeah I guess. Somehow(bots), ludia made me face a team of Wuhero lvl 20, Segnosuchus lvl 5 and Brachio lvl 40 when its not even launched. Wonder whether I can buy it somewhere…