Is my team good for my level?

Is my team good?

It looks pretty good for your level.
Just keep hatching what the game gives you and saving resources(DNA especially) to fill in gaps that may show themselves.

Also you are very far from “Late Game”
Im lvl 99, have most Hybrids unlocked, all S-hybrids unlocked and with depth in there paddocks, 6 of each Indo.
And still don’t consider myself “late game”

Granted everyone has a slightly different definition of it.
But that vast majority would say minimum lvl 99, with multiple Indos and multiple dinos that have multiday cooldowns.

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(in my opinion) When someone unlocks Rex they are in the late game

An opinion does not change a fact…

Though there is no hard and fast way to define the late and end game, just merely unlocking rex is not at all a treshold criteria. There are certain requirements for that. I don’t mean to be rude but… Your current progress is nowhere near to any of those.

I’m sorry but you’re not in the late game yet. It’s still the mid game.


Definitely not.
As someone who plays the game for almost six years I would say you merely scratched the surface.


You are not even close to the late game and tip for you have more amphibians and carnivores


For some reason I can’t see your team. Would you mind showing it to me?

Did you even read the first few words of my post? It’s my opinion. And I know it’s not a fact.

It depends on people’s view I guess. I mean for some of us, late game is unlocking all the creatures while others have different goals.

Don’t really know how he sees it as “late game” but yeah its his opinion I suppose. And everyone has different opinions for late game expectations.


Thanks for actually respecting my opinion.

So contradicting is disrespecting now? Thank you for letting me know. I did say I didn’t mean to be rude, clearly, I was just trying to inform you that though there is no hard and fast defined treshold the one you stated doesn’t come close to the criteria generally agreed upon. But if that’s what you choose to believe then okay.

:man_shrugging:t4: I have no gain or loss by contradicting for the fun of it. Just felt that what you stated was not exactly correct.

Yes, I do respect opinions. But there are times opinions drift a bit too far away from the factual grounds and I personally felt this was one of those times. Hence stated my views on it.


He wasn’t being rude or disrespectful. He was informing you that you most definitely are not in late game. Late game doesn’t have a solid definition, but it is definitely not unlocking rex. Late game is max level player who is consistently winning dominator in tournaments. There are plenty of people here who are going in 7 years if play (myself included) who can tell you that you are at the top of the iceberg. I believe @Sionsith has a thread explaining late game.


As @Tommi stated you are just beginning to scratch the surface of the game…

What @Jahq mentioned:

And yes you can have an opinion on something that doesn’t mean your opinion is based in facts. My definition is also an opinion but it is based more on factual information given the length of time the game has been around. For instance your opinion would have been more correct had you stated it within the first few months of the game being released, however after the game being around now for years, your opinion is now far less accurate than mine.

I think all of us on these forums respect each other’s thoughts and opinions, but we also respect discussion and disagreement which should further strengthen or define our own opinions through conversation. When faced with more information it’s better to change course if that’s the appropriate move rather than staying head strong in a belief/opinion if that belief/opinion is headed in the wrong direction.


You can’t even unlock a tournament creature and you think you are late game.

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I don’t need to listen to an angry internet random. Stay safe though.

Do you know what anger is?