Is my team good?

Is my team good for my level? Do i need to step my game up? Plz give me feedback!!:+1::t_rex:

I think you definetively need some speed in your team, grind v-raptor dna, safe choice cause her DNA is the ingredient of two hybrids, Legendary Indominus Rex and Unique Indoraptor. But for other things just wait untill the new update is online, so you don’t waste coins upgrading dinos that will be useless. But keep darting whatever you see, just in case :slight_smile:

And speaking about coins… not sure why you spent coins on Aztegotterige or whatever… :thinking: Coins are precious, you may know it, don’t waste them upgrading useless dinos, if it is not your favorite one :relaxed:

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It’s not my favourite one, but i was a bit dumb. The pterosaurs had just came out, and i wanted a high level pterosaur… anyway, thanks for the tips! :+1::+1::smile:

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It may get a hybrid in the future, so you never know. :man_shrugging:t2:

I would need to know what your level is in the arena but I can tell you that for level 11 I think it’s a very good team.

By the way, consider entering the Postimetrodon. It could be level 16 and it was one of my favorite dinos for a long time.

By the way, I agree with Sara. It is not good to evolve tell us that you do not use. Imagine that a new weird hybrid appears that only needs Aztegopterix at level 5 … you will have wasted a large volume of DNA

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