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Is My Team Good?!

Not If Why,But I Feel That Something Is Missing (Be a Creature With Long Life or Destroy Shields)


It’s good for your level and progress. But it will need to improve much more later on. I love the Pachy there. You need to get a legendary like Indom/Allosino in there.

However, lvl 21 Sino? You might come to regret using that dna down the stretch because of the hybrids it creates. You will need at least one of its hybrids later on. I suppose you can go from here but that’s a lot of sino dna used to lvl it up to 21.


If I’m Doing Allosino (for example),Who Should I Take From My Team??

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Irritator Gen 2 would have to go for a legendary. Also I’m with @Sixty-Four. SAVE THAT SINO DNA!

I think this is the first time I’ve seen Sino as the highest level of the whole team. I’m bad at giving team advice, but i can offer this much. Stop leveling Sino. That DNA is too valuable. It should be going to a hybrid. Any Sino hybrid. Just pick one and go for it. It takes a little while to get one unlocked but you will be very happy when you do.


Ohh how I miss the old days of JWA haha !

Always prepare for the future of your teams as you grow your gonna need DNA for Hybrids. :+1: uniques in general :metal:

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You over leveled your sino way too much

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Take out irritator gen 2 for einia

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Hey the allasaures level 15 and start fusing the Allisina