Is my team okay?

Right now im in high estate/low aviary. Im doing okayish mostly fluctuating between these two arenas so im looking to improve my team. If anyone has any tip please tell me them here. Im currently working on SR3, Erlidom, and when i hit lvl 16 ill try getting Albertospinos from raids since i have 160 dna of it.

U need some resilients right now my guy

why do I keep seeing people without enough resilients on their team it’s like a common theme


The thing is, all my resilients at a high level are super outdated in terms of being somewhat meta and im not close at all to making a good one


To answer your question what is your goal in the game? Players have different goals such as enjoying PvP matches, tournaments, raids, collecting different dinosaurs, achieving a certain amount of trophies or simply playing the dinosaurs you like…

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I like playing pvp, creating new creatures and half od my playtime is friendly matches with my friend. I like using meta creatures mixed with the ones that i enjoy using

I noticed in the current low and mid range Aviary arena that Rexy, Thor, Indo, Argenteryx, Tarbonathus are the dominant dinosaurs there so it’s quite hard for your team to play well there. You have upgrade and use of their current.
If you want to proceed to the Library arena, I suggest you save your boosters. You should prioritize upgrades, join the good alliance, join the raids. The dinosaurs above can hardly compete with the dinosaurs in the high Aviary arena.

Alright, so i should just level my current ones. What is a great alliance to join for a player like me? Also ive seen an Argentaryx like 3 times in total on the arenas

Honestly, for a new player like you, I wouldn’t recommend focusing too much on PvP as it’s easy to get frustrated and bored in the higher arena.

You can find alliances that can help you win boss raids. That’s why I said you should prioritize upgrading your level to 18 early to be able to participate in Apex raids

Of course premium alliances will all ask for some of your responsibilities towards their alliance. And you can also prepare some dinos with the right level to be able to join raids boss

I dont plan on getting apexes atm :sweat_smile:, its quite a long process

Also i dont focus on pvp that much, i just play it because theres nothing else to do when i beat all the campaign levels and current strike towers

Try getting ankymoloch, it is a really good resilient

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I have like 100 bumpy dna and thats it

Replaced tarbog with Thylaconyx

Then level up the mammoth rhino hybrid. It is not good as before but still a decent resilient

I would say for where you are and knowing that flocks can be a major pain in that area - the new and improved Tragodistis could be a good addition. Ankylodicurous is also an easy to make, well performing epic for that range.

Both made with creatures that are on the map.

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Oh yea, i was thinking about making the new Trago when the update comes out. Ankylodicurus is also a great option.

Except for tarbog - it’s a flock killing monster. Slows, hits through (or removes) cloak and dodge, and has vulnerable with a rampage - and all attacks remove any distraction. Great armor and a priority shield. Really good against a lot of stuff. I brought mine up to L29 before I decided it was time to leave it behind.

I was think the same thing… probably because Ludia only adds fierce and cunning carnivores and no resilient herbivores… so much for voting for Geminideus… lets add another carnivore thats going to be so hard to grind cause the players got all the money in the world to spend on it

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