Is my team strong enough for the swamps?


would be nice if you could help me creating a strong team I could survive the tournament with in the marshes. :slight_smile:

Have to say I‘m thinking of replacing Monomimus. Awesome bird but suffered from the health nerf. Opened two battles with her and she got killed by Stegodeus and Monostegotops.

She‘s got nice abilities but I don‘t like having evasive as only option.

Also what is Ankyntrosaurus useful for?
Haven‘t met one since a while. ^^

that stegocera or monostego should probably replace ankyntro

ankyn is a slow pace fighter where you have to guess at what the opponent will play. you have your shield you can deploy and instant distract. just have to guess when to deploy it. hes a pain but i take him out ez.

my key to blow through marshes was a high level deus.

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What’s swamps in German?

Swamps mean „Sümpfe“ in German :slight_smile:
Marshes would be a little different in German, in early days we said „Marschgelände“, you had to march through these areas. Less extreme than swamps, but still wet and ugh…

Monostegotops is leathal

Well Monomimus flew out for Monostegotops. I‘m still thinking of Ankyntro as Indom counter but then I realized that she doesn‘t have long shielding.

For a legendary, there are some dinosaurs beeing pretty weak.