Is my team the best it can be? And allosino or utahsino

I feel as though I’m your average jwa player, not amazing dinos or over leveled just average. I’m currently hovering between 3800 and 4100 trophies and I’m trying to take the next step to push for 4500. Any advice for leveling up dinos, replacing, removing anything constructive criticism would be appreciated.

My other question along with this is Utahsinoraptor or allosino? I have all dinos at the required level to make them but I only have enough sino DNA to get one of the 2 to at least 18 possibly 19 if I get lucky on fuses. So that is the other option going forword that i cant decide on. Thanks to all answers!!

I would recommend droppimg a tank for your tryo… hes easily playable in that trophy range at level 17 now with his buff. Probaly anky.

The allo vs utah is something your gonna want to think about long term… utah on your team right now can put it on the squishy side but utahrinex is still great… allo i would feel be a better compliment on your team and could take irex place,csince at some point he will fall behind… cause indo and eventually tryko are gonna eat your rex dna. Speaking of tryko… at equal levels thor beats him. So thats something to consider as well.

All that said i have both utah and allo on my team atm and i dunno if i could pick one… because allo/thor components are a bit more common i have decided to push him to 20, then go back and work on Utah.

Thanks for the input. I was thinking of either dropping the anky or my pyroraptor for the trystonix. I dont think I’ll be getting anymore spics anytime soon. The closest one I is the dilocherius, just lacking the ourano dna and coin. Tryko is no where in my future I dont see nearly enough trex and maybe see one kentro or ankys a week as 8 dont live in those zones.

But with being somewhat close to dilocherius do you think I should drop ankyntro. Go all in on allosino and once its 19 or 20 drop indominus until the eventual tryko? Or just use the indom slot or pyritators for tyrostronix?