Is my team the best that it can be or should I make changes?> Help?>



PS: Since the update the abilities changing I can’t figure out why I keep losing…


I’d get the stegoceratops in there, probably for the Erlikosaurus. The slowing and stunning is useful and it’s armored.


Put Allosaurus and Sucatator in ;0)


i agree…get some stunning and armoured girls in there…keep the raptors you can, as they are good closers for the rounds.


They are good for the damage… What would u suggest I substitute them for? I think Allo needs to lvl up more tho before I should use him bc his HP can easily be taken down a bit…


You think so??? I have 2 armored giants tho… is that not enough?? I do need speedy guys for the resistant types or the ones that use shields and stun…


I was gonna wait til he had more HP bc I agree hes annoying in PVP matches but a big swinger can strike him off quick and I like erlikasaurus for the speedup and -75% ability… and he whips a raptor down easily as long as he doesnt get pounced… (speedup gives u an extra hit where i slash them lol)


Gorgosaurus is good for cutting through shields also


i havent played him yet… yeah? I should try some of these guys on friendly battle mode to learn them yeah>?


i was just gonna say…i got steggy and grypto for my tanking, and nundo for pure biting power. then i close with raptor or delta or utah…i win more than half the time now.

and don’t be afraid to hit and run with delta’s autoswap if you need to.


Make this dino, really good and can take out a indominus rex!


yeah i love the strike and run on my little Stygimoloch n use that bc hes a tank too with 2700+hp atm…


Need to get both dinos to lvl 15 to create her


i dont have that amt of dna I dont think but omg hes cute id hug him even tho he would pierce the heck outta me hahahah


yeah i dont have that yet my amargocephalus is only 13 n my parasaurolophus is 14… soon perhaps <3


Im taking all the suggestions into consideration… You guys are awesome!


You should save up for her though!