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Is my team well balanced

Is my team well balanced enough. I’m trying to keep them close together while moving through the game.

Nope, not fairly balanced. Why stegocerotops at lvl 30? It has 2100+ health and then your indominus, 1500 health. See the jump in ferocity.
Shouldn’t have made that stegocerotops…And 3rd best Dino is concavanator. There’s a jump in ferocity as well( not that big) I think you should make maxed legendaries. That would suit you best creature better

@Dino_Rex is right. If you’re gonna make a big ferocity jump, be sure to have at least 3 or 4 other creatures ready for the jump… but don’t go extremely slow because change is part of life xD

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So what should be my next move

2 level 20 Stegoceratops would do great , i only raise my ferocity when I feel like the cooldown is going to be enough to handle . My next raise in ferocity is very close by(Suchoripterus level 20) which will take up spot 2 replacing Indominus Rex and Indominus Rex Gen 2 will continue to sit at the crown.

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L20 stegaceratops didn’t do well for me. L21 does do well with 1700h/400a and would fit ok.

OP, your L30 stegaceratops is 600 ferocity higher than your next Dino.


Your VIP creatures are all really good,just that your Stegoceratops imbalances it,try and get some legendaries to level 40,and if possible, level 11 VIPs.

Stegoceratops is not. You should’ve just left it at level 20. Everything else looks fine. Indominus at level 7 would make it closer but doesn’t matter too much.


I’m just seeing an amphibian on your team…

Where is the pterosaurs??

Basically, there’s two big jumps in ferocity, one from your VIPs to Indominus, and one from Indominus to Stegoceratops. If you manage to fill those gaps with dinos that have ferocities in between those creatures’, your team will be fairly well balanced.

I recommend Rare hybrids like Tapejalosaurus (level 20) and Nundagosaurus (level 30) to go between Indominus and the VIPs.
As for creatures to go between Indom and Stego, maybe a level 40 Diplotator (maybe check the stats, I don’t know them off the top of my head) or even just some level 40 Legendaries and level 13ish VIPs.
A really low-level Diplosuchus might work too.


Your current team ferocity:

  1. 3910
  2. 3265
  3. 2593
  4. 2592
  5. 2592
  6. 2592
  7. 2591
  8. 2345

PvE is based off your top 3 creatures which has an average ferocity of 3256.

If you want to complete all events you sometimes have to do 10 fights and it is likely that in each fight your opponents are assembled according to the average ferocity (AFS) of your three strongest creatures. That means you need 30 creatures if you do not want to wait for cooldowns or invest dinobucks.

For me the best way to see if you are well balanced is to calculate the difference of the AFS of your strongest 15, better 30, creatures and the AFS of your three strongest creatures. The smaller this difference is the better your lineup is, not the absolute difference is important but the percental.
Furthermore you need different classes in those top 30.

An Excelsheet is of great use in this game.

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I do not need that deep of a line up as I am not a VIP,but depth of a line up is needed nearly everywhere.

@Tommi currently my top 3 are just around 20% or 30% stronger than my 5th, 6th and 7th creature. However with my new lineup plan as I posted in my news report, I intend on making my top 10 of the similar or same ferocity.

Also, I do not mind not completing all events at once because other than the new events the game basically has nothing much to offer till the next set of events, so I’m okay with finshing an event or two the next day before the next events.

But you’re right, for tournaments, top 30 must be similar ferocity with different class creatures.

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Yes,if not top 30 of close ferocity,short cool downs, I would aim for some meat shields,but my 7 hour cooldown are already too much to handle for me to imagine letting in anymore nightmares.

I usually complete all my events without touching my top 6 or 7 creatures.

How much should I be saving if I want to get a Diamond Fidelity Wheel through spending Bucks? I have very little left after getting my Tapejalosaurus and all the other business happen.

Don’t know the exact amount but go for 5k-6k DB. Might even be low as 4k. I wouldn’t recommend it tho.

I would wonder what would happen if I custom traded DB to Dino,if we go by the games logic,a yudon gives you 50 DB in custom trade,so I would love to have a Yudon for 50 DB lol.