Is Naomlen in your party?

Naomlen only helps Laeral in order to complete her personal and Zhentarimi goals. Does she have what it takes to be in your party?

haha, not a chance, I even have her legendary weapon. When she hits it’s devastating, but she misses more than I think she should and she’s way too squishy, (is a cool as a character though). I think she needs an initiative bonus (add this to armour) or maybe some dodge stuff instead of all the stealth options because stealth doesn’t work on bosses, not sure if this is a glitch or intentional.


Yep. Rogue sucks

I was thinking about this over the weekend. The rogue is too squishy and doesn’t have enough powers to make you want to use him. the biggest reason for this I think is that many of his powers grant stealth, but stealth doesn’t do much good on it’s own. I think either stealth needs a buff, or the rogue needs a buff when stealth is active, block, dodge, damage, crit rate, etc.

Her squish is easy to avoid by teaming her up with fighter or barb , with taunt . Her real problem is getting back lines or bosses in time to be useful . If she had the ability to make an extra move like the fighter can it would solve all her problems.

Naomlen is in my party but wish I had chosen a ranged Dps instead. The fighter at least has an aoe taunt so can be useful if he’s not adjacent to enemies, but if Naomlen is at max range from, say, skeleton archers, she’ll spend 3 turns getting in range. Maybe stealth should allow her to traverse one extra ‘row’

Received her today I have now all the heroes.