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Is night fury bug fixed?


I am one of the ones that lost gems from the bug but I have recieved them back from support, is the bug fixed? I don’t want to try and get him and lose more gems then intended again.



How long ago did u email them about your runes cause I have emailed them a lot today and still nothing I don’t know what else to do I spent 20$


Yesterday morning is when I emailed them, they got back to me today


Ok thank you, I feel a lot better


Its fixed now


I had the same problem…but unfortunately I still didn’t receive my gems back :frowning:


It’s now fixed ?


Yep, it’s fixed


Can we get an official confirmation on this? Or can any one else confirm this? (For no risk way of checking, if someone with less than 1800 runes try to refresh, if the bug still persists, the game should give you error 470).


How long it takes to get runes back


I restarted this morning and it charged the correct amount. I’ve received back some but not all of my runes from two faulty restarts, so still waiting to hear back on that.

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Has the toothless event been fixed yet?


I just reset it with runes for the first time and it took the correct amount of runes. So it seems to be fixed?


Yay :slight_smile:Then I shall get my second Toothless since I am really close :slight_smile: