Is Ophiacomimus worth it?

I am planning on maxing Gallimimus to get Ophiacomimus so is Ophiacomimus worth it?

i have a lvl 30 although i have well more than enough to make a lvl 40, i just never rlly got to it and now i don’t feel like it.
but even my lvl 30 rn is pretty useful in tourneys or in battles where i need a glasscannon. plus it is amazing in rarity rumble bc i don’t feel like using my tapejalos in that.

if you plan on making it between lvl 30-40, def do it its worth it

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Dna wise not worth it

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I have it at level 32 to match the ferocity of the rest of my team. While it suffers from not having an associated super hybrid and a high dna cost, I’m actually a big fan of Ophiacomimus. It’s super high attack allows it to excel in herbivore only events or rarity rumble, and can tear through upper dominator league if utilized correctly. It’s comparatively lower cooldown to other similar herbivores matched with its awesome appearance and solid coin production are all other features that factor into my enjoyment of this fella. I have no regrets buying 8 copies. Expensive but definitely worth it for me at least.


Why is it not worth it?

It costs more dna than Carnoraptor and carnorapter is still one of the best dinos

Unfortunately I will not be able to get it unless I am lucky with the rumble pack.

Thanks for the tip.

It costs a lot, i think it was around 8K, and for something that only has like 1600 health and 800 attack there are much better options

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Try getting carnoraptor using amber

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I prefer DNA.

i meant like if the pyroraptor is locked for you, try buying it with DNA it is a lot easier just do the boss v boss battle where it is only 2 stages, buy the respin for 15 bucks and that’s normally 19K amber in one day, so like in no time you’ll have 8 pyros


Agreed with you.

YES !!!

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If you have enough DNA, I recommend to do it just 1 level 40 Opi.
But if you dont have that much, focus on a hybrid that can be fused to super hybrid.
Even someone said that diplosuchus is not worth. But for my lineup they help me a lot with a half cooldown of diplotator and just 660 s dna.
My lineup ferocity is 5600, so these creatures help me a lot.

So my answer is yes, lol. And I have 1 level 30 Ophia and plan to have level 31-40 which ferocity is around 5500.

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Fully agree,diplo and ophi are very useful