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Is Orion any useful?

Recently decided to give JWA a chance again. As of now I lose every single arena match mostly because of facing overboosted monsters with leves higher than mine, but it seems that it’s not the only problem. I use a lvl 24 Quetzorion and he just seems to be completely useless, despite being in the same tier as Magna and Ardmax. He’s just as boosted as the rest of my team, but he just does nothing right. I know that he’s great against speedsters like Indo or Erlidom but these do not exist in the arena right now. So, any other uses for Orion or I should just drop him for something else? Heard that Spyx is amazing so I may try him out in Orion’s place

I don’t have a problem with mine in library and gyro.

It depends on how you have yours boosted. Mine has quite a bit of heath and is faaaast

Spyx is good, but Zorion is a hard counter for it.

Unfortunately, quetzorion is currently very vulnerable. without enough speed it doesn’t make sense

An easier way of putting it is that Orion beats most creatures that can’t get through it’s Long Invincibility and Sidestep (Erlikospyx, Mammolania, Erlidominus, Indoraptor), but it loses to those that can (like Trykosaurus, Thor, Magnapyritor, Geminititan and Ardentismaxima), or those that can run out the LI attack counter pretty quickly, like Diorajasaur.

LI stays up until there have been 3 attacks in total. Since it counts Dio’s counter attack, this means all Diorajasaur needs to do is use Resilient Strike twice, like so:

LI shield goes up -----> Diorajasaur uses RS-----> Diorajasaur uses RS again----> Quetzorion attacks and LI goes down leaving Diorajasaur able to damage it with the counterattack.

It’s very good in specific situations, outside of those it can be decent and sometimes it falls flat, especially against Thor. It all depends on what you’re using it against.