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Is pachygalosaurus worth buying?

Here is some pictures I only have one at level 40 his ferocity will increase your line up and you will face stronger line ups image

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In your opinion should I buy it or not because I don’t want to spend ridiculous amounts of dna on it.

I see 2 reasons to buy and level up this beast IMO.

  1. Collector standpoint. You just want it and want to level it up, so do it.

  2. You need carno meat shields. If you find yourself using or needing high health carnos to take hits fairly often then it might be worth it to have a few on hand.

I just unlocked / made my 1st one a few days ago, I don’t anticipating me buying a 2nd anytime soon. I used the one I have once since i made it, in the PvE the other day where you needed 1x carno and you went up against another single carno. It was nice to be able to build reserve with it without worry of getting 2 hit killed and then just burn all the reserve on attack for the win. Other than that I don’t find it very useful, i’d rather using other dino’s with more attack.


Thanks for the advice

I have one at maxed level I have been playing for over five years and I wanted to have at least one of everything maxed out one day soon I will have more

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I’ve held off on this guy for a while. Right now, Tanycolagreus fills my need for a Carno meat shield. Will consider Pachygalo if and when my teams level up to the point where Tanycolagreus can no longer meet the need.


10 Pachy’s

If your lineup can support it then YES!

yes, believe me! it’s a health monster, its worth it!