Is paramoloch better than touramoloch in every way?

I read the update notes and if I’m not mistaken, after the update they will have the following stats if no further changes are made:

Para: 4800 HP, 1130 ATK, 126 SPD. Skill: two 75% stuns, rampage and run
Toura: 4800 HP, 1070 ATK, 126 SPD. Skill: 1 slow, 1 75% stun, impact and run

Apart from skill sets which are highly debatable, para has same speed, same health, and better attack?

Yes, para doesn’t have counter attacks, but with 2 stunning skills, counter attack is unnecessary if your opponent cannot attack you over half of the match. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Yeah, tuoramoloch does not deserve the unique label. Not in the least. It is useless.

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Touramoloch is worse and getting even worse this patch T_T

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Yeah, I can create it but I’m still holding off the DNA. I think Ludia overrated counter attacks. Many skills don’t even trigger counter attacks. Tryostronix can go RTC followed by DSR and kill your toura, you simply can’t get any counter damages off the opponent.

That was my first unique and it sucks to work so hard for something that can get beat by many commons at lower levels

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I really want to unlock and use it. That’s the only unique I can get after indo, but that’s going to cost me over 250k coins for something that’s like monolometrodon in this patch which is pseudo to its rarity.

Is that why they nerfed Megalosuchus? Because it has a counter attack?

It has to be buffed somemore to be even considered a threat!

If they think one simple change of SS and reducing Rampage to Impact is a buff.

This has got to be “One step forward. Two steps back.” :confused:

Many counter attacks has an added effect in the next patch (go through armor, shield), so they nerfed their health, but there are many ways to avoid counter damage. Like when I looked at dioraja’s skill set, it has armor, shield, can pin, so I assume it can counter dinos like utarinex which can run away and has no armor piercing skills, but no, on the first turn, your dioraja will lose half its health due to the high damage and your counter damage will be halfed, on the second turn your dioraja will be stunned and cannot use any counter attacks. On the third turn they can safely run away.