Is Patch 1.9 make or break for you?

So since 1.7 the game has been in a a total mess, with the broken darting of 1.7 (since fixed thankfully), 180 speed Thors and a host of tainted opening tournaments and boost sale bugs.

Well I have been reading a number of members posting about how they are waiting till 1.9 to see if things are fixed in such a way to make the game less of a mess (though we did hope 1.8 fixed matchmaking and we all seen how that turned out).
Well I would like to hear from other members of the community about if the next patch is make or break for them. Basically will you straight up have had enough and just quit entirely? or continue sitting in the hot water like the slowly boiling frog?

I myself am hinging everything on 1.9, and have taken steps to ensure I don’t rage quit before then, namely no sewer/arena and lower playing time (I apologise to my alliance for this).

I am giving them this time because I know things take time to code and test (lol), so am trying not to be unreasonable, however there is only so much waiting someone can do when they are supposed to be having fun. Such as having arena, once my favourite part of the game, becoming so bad that I cant even stand to complete a single match!

Here are the things 1.9 would need to fix for me to consider staying a player -

  1. Arena matchmaking fixed in a way that is less punishing for players who won’t or cant buy boosts.
  2. Something done about rat, im not even kidding this thing has singlehanded caused so much damage to the overall quality or matches that its not even funny anymore.
  3. Fix long overdue bugs, such as alliance chat which has been broken for 7 months now, this is a completely unreasonable length of time for such a feature breaking bug to continue unfixed, even still being broken through to a new patch! Patches are meant to fix things remember.

Now im sure those who know me will be thinking “But Stiff you quit once before and came back!”
Yes this is true, but the reason I quit was because I was suffering massive burnout. The game at that point was still fun, so when I found myself missing the game many months later, returning was totally an option.
However if I was to quit again, this would be completely down to the horrible state of the game, so ever returning again would be no longer an option, as there would be nothing to return to!

Well thats all I have to say on the matter. Would love to hear everyones opinion about this subject, but please lets not turn this into a trolling thread…only im allowed to do that hahah!


didnt read this yet but wasnt 1.6 the decision maker?? or 1.7 haha. this is getting dumb, either you enjoy the game and play it mind numbingly or you dont and stop…


For me, if they introduce boosts on Armour and Crit chance, it is the time for me to quit.
Boosts on speed already ruins the balance. I can’t imagine a velociraptor or a T-rex with armour, a Stegodeus having 40% crit chance. That’s not the game any more.



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I personally was gone from 1.5 (I believe) and came back 2 weeks before 1.7 launched (lucky me ay lol), but yeah I still enjoy some aspects of the game, such as running an alliance, doing strike towers and hunting…but for me the hunting is more to help get new dinosaurs to battle with, rather than collection, so arena needs to be useable for me to really want to continue playing long term.

my focus is all for my team. gaining levels on my end team and boosts is the bonus. like today i focused on magna. so i hunted l3 for dime. once i get a level on magna im going to l1 to finish erlid. nothing has changed for me in this game as far as hunting and team focus. still very fun and the only negative is visiting this forum unfortunately.


Yeah thats fair enough, fun is where you find it :).

For me the reason why arena is so bad from my perspective is because in the past I loved it and got to experience long matches, trying to outplay the other person and swapping in something to counter them, but now as soon as the match gets interesting a rat comes flying in, or a Thor with speed faster than your whole team (chompers were made slow to balance the fact they had high damage so speed boosts ruin the balance as they can outspeed their own counters) and just brings the match to an end.

I miss battling down to the last sliver of health and taking the match, or swapping in something faster that could take a hit, then hit back and finish them off.
But now if you bring in a speedster it just gets ratted…sometimes one shotted at full health, I just done see the enjoyment from doing that.


We frequently have differing opinions on how bad things are, I’m more optimistic but know that the game is in a bad state for anyone focused on battling.

Ludia has had enough time and feedback and is aware of how much some people dislike boosts, and they no doubt change the game completely in terms of what is viable and how to level appropriately. If you choose not to boost that’s fine but expecting it to change or have an unboosted arena is unrealistic. While it seems simple from a player standpoint to remove boosts it is a system Ludia implemented and has shown lots of support to try and make work. It still isn’t great but boosts aren’t going anywhere, and so the arena will be unkind to any that don’t, very unkind considering how much speed boosts change things.

For a similar reason I don’t see dracocera going anywhere, if it is nerfed it will only be to make room for a unique. Whether that unique would be any good is up for debate (see petrovexus and monomimus). Dracocera will be a force in this game in some fashion even if it is nerfed in all likelihood.

It is unfortunate but balance comes once boosts even out, and about level 7 is currently a plateau point for most.

As far as fixing long lasting bugs, again Ludia has had a ton of time to fix them. Until they have patches in between main updates I don’t see them adding anything to alliances or fixing known bugs and the like. They treat updates as something that need to be flashy and have something new, but do little to bug fix.

Long story short, I feel if anyone is pinning hopes on 1.9 being magical and solving all of these issues that have been around for a while they are setting themselves up to be disappointed.


yup. the rats make it interesting but i can win those matches. the thors… ill have the last laugh.


Yeah see I myself don’t really see having a boosted arena and a seperate unboosted arena as unreasonable, as in JW The Game they have a seperate mod free battle system, I mean why not cater to both crowds?
Now I can see why they would want everyone in one arena, as honestly why would someone go into boosted arena when they could have matches where everyone is on level footing? (save level difference of course).

See even if they had an AI only arena with no boosts I would play in that over the normal arena, as its just fair matches I prefer where you can learn to counter each Dino, such as speed and such, but with random stats from boosts and dinosaurs being made faster than their designed counters, it just messes with the whole system.

I do agree that boosts aren’t going anyway as they make too much money off them, but having an AI or “Classic” arena AND normal boost arena could be good. It caters to everyone!

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Oh one other thing, I think they boost system only benefit Ludia because once we are all at the same tier, it would be like before boosts right? then if thats the case why have them? Players will spend the money, but then when everyone is level the boosts are doing nothing, literally.

Edit: I think boosts were both a way for ludia to make money AND have a reason to stop worrying about balancing dinosaurs.

l2 is where the erlikos are

I think the most viable alternative is having an AI battle button that is available immediately as you stated. It harms no one to be able to battle for you daily incubators that way. Easy to code and implement. It might happen, or rather I’d hope AI battle is available this way in 1.9.

I’ve heard about how Lydia’s other Jurassic Park game has an unboosted and boosted arena of sorts, my question is are their even enough people playing to populate two different arenas? Part of the reason match making is so bad currently is just the pool of players being so small at any one time that even a good system would have you wait 10 mins or more to find a good match that is in the same levels of dinos and boosts as you. It’s something that plagues a lot of games, not just JWA. It’s my personal suspicion that a small number of active players at any particular time is the real reason matchmaking sucks.

Making money certainly but I believe they were intended to vary the arena some, a common complaint before in 1.6. It was not just the same dinos but frequently the same levels and by extension damage and health numbers. Boosts do vary this more, a temporary solution because they do max out but the ceiling at t10 was put so high as to be unattainable for a long time even if you buy boosts. A side effect is how they have cemented teams and exacerbated already overperforming dinos and it’s here that I don’t believe Ludia considered when introducing boosts.

oh ok they changed it from l1 since the last time i hunted it. fair enough… i need to work on rinex also. thx for the heads up!!

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Yeah ive been an off and on player of WoW for the better part of a decade and we had problems with long wait times and some players within the level “bracket” being too low to kill the higher players of the bracket…such as level 20-29 in same match, so they improved the wait times by linking different realms together (not possible with JWA since its already one pool) but they also changed the system to scale the level of the lower players to match the higher levels of the bracket…

Of course JWA would need its own way as the games are totally different, but it shows that there are ways to fix long term issues, since the WoW bracket issue (such as level 20s having to fight players 9 levels higher) was a very long term issue that was ultimately fixed :slight_smile:

I gotta work on getting quetzorion, thank god there’s a park like 2 miles from my house (good size)

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Yeah thats true, I personally seen the boost system as being a way to boost up less used dinosaurs so they become viable, but what actually happened was everyone boosted their uniques and nothing changed in terms of the dinosaurs seen…well ok maybe some changes (Noodle heh).

If speed boost wasn’t added, or they replaced it with armour or something it would be a good compromise, because then counters still matter, the issue is when you have Thor for example or Rex being faster than Velociraptor.
I honestly believe that even with a boost system in place, something should by design not be able to outspeed its counter.

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On this we agree, speed boost is the game breaking one, health and attack is just another level up even if it is a bit high at t4-t6. I think armor would not really change much except further push out erlidom since most things have armor piercing anyway now. That said I don’t wana see an armor or crit booster.

Interesting about how WoW fixed their problem. I know wait times were an issue for the top end players but now that we have a battle AI option why can’t wait times just be increased? I think most of us would prefer that. If we really wana battle an equal-ish level player we just wait past the 30 sec before AI battle is available.

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Use a rare scent at night in parks. You will gezt mostly quetzalcoatlus becuz its the only non hybrid rare at night there except everywhere spawns.