Is phorurex OP?

So on the Phorurex paper appears but is it the case I think not And you?


After facing it multiple times he is surprisingly balanced for a creature with double instant damage moves. Of course leathal rampage and run is powerful but usually you can take phorurex out before he has a chance to use it. If you don’t have any good resilients spinoconstrictor and rhinex work fine against hin


I agree with you


I find the DoT on the rampage and Run to be unnecessary for Phorux to work, but other than that it’s surprisingly balanced. The low HP and lack of strong options on turn 2 (assuming you open with Instant cunning rampage) helps with that I think.


I think its alright its immunities help balance it out. Also if you have armour your fine, like I would say smilo is its N.1 counter but alot of things counter it.
Edit - also the 2 turn delay on its rampage and run helps aswell.
The only thing that needs changing is the swap in bug where its trapping immune dinos.


I’ve encountered a couple in Gyrosphere. Like others have said, it’s surprisingly balanced overall. The low health means that it quite often does not manage to get a chance to use the Lethal R&R.

I find both Quetzorion and Magna can take them down quite easily. I imagine Hadros wouldn’t have a problem with them, either.


Yeah, LR&R is pretty strong, but at least it’s Swap in Lockdown doesn’t bypass armor and Shields! (it only rends as normal damage instead of Armor Piercing damage)


To answer the question is phorurex op
Yes, yes it is


I’ve played it and find it balanced. I wouldn’t call it over powered. Maybe slightly above average and only on step better than Phorasaura in that it can do swap in damage.


Not at all, its pretty balanced to say the least, destroyed it everytime ive seen it


It’s dangerous, but if you can get it below the Threatened threshold it’s swap-in becomes practically useless.

Though I do think it should either lose the DoT infliction or the Defense Shattering aspect of Lethal Rampage and Run, especially since none of it’s hybrid components have DoT abilities.


Why should it lose the defense shattering and bleed abilities? If it’s not OP then let it do its thing. Like most dinos, it comes down to what it’s up against… Thor isn’t OP on paper, but if you’re facing a fast one, and you have nothing to counter it, it can easily wipe a whole team. U Phoru is very very strong, but it has pretty exploitable weaknesses that can take it down quickly upon swap in.


I said it should lose one or the other, not both. It makes more sense for it to keep it’s Defense Shattering aspect because Draco G2 has Fierce Impact, but on the other hand, none of Phorurex’s other hybrid ingredients have any DoT abilities.

Ergo, it really shouldn’t have a DoT ability, but if it’s going to keep it then for fairness’s sake it should really lose the Defense Shattering aspect of it.


I just think the DoT is completely unnecessary. I rarely even need to use it. By the time you get to turn 3, the rampage damage alone is almost always enough to finish your opponent off by itself. The way the DoT does matter most often is if your opponent swaps, which they likely can’t do, or if they can Phorurexes on Escape punishes them so they probably won’t, and even then if they still swap they can just swap to something with DoT resistance/immunity. It rarely gets used, and when it does it’s arguably too much power in the matchup.



Most Phorus I face pretty much off me by before DoT kicks in (I can count only once where the DoT was what did me in), so I’m just wondering why it’s even necessary.


As shocking as it is, Phorex is relatively fine. It’s stats and moves seem busted in every way possible, but it isn’t the worst thing in the world. I do believe it needs to be tuned down in a few stats, like Crit and Attack, but other than that it’s ok. Skoona, Testa, Indo 2, (With RNG and playing right) Haast Max, Spinocon, (Played right) and a few others do a good job beating it.

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Well, those dinos can pretty much kill mosts dinos already… It’s pretty much the dream team. Sadly (or luckily?), most FTP or typical players don’t have them.

Once Phorurex is on field, when Hadros comes in, Phorurex wins. Also DoT comes in handy beating Hadros.

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havent really had an issue dealing with it. it dies by turn 3 pretty easily. its mostly an instant damage creature. easy to deal with once you know its gameplay and expected boost distribution.


Scorpius rex (all gens) exists ,they don’t have any moves they share with either of their parents except for fierce strike. IMO the only thing that needs to change is the swap in bug and maybe lower its attack to 1500 or 1450, 1600 is excessive, especially for an instant rampage. Its balanced.