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Is phorurex OP?

Phorurex has way more counters than deer. The only true deer counters are grypo and maybe indot; it swaps out on everything else (usually into scorp g3, which counters all of the other deer counters). Phorurex is countered by spyx, trebax, skoona, testa, antarc, lux… plus magnus, monolorhino, compsocaulus, and spinoconstrictor can really hurt it, if not fully kill it.

I’m running phorurex on both accounts, one in high library/low gyro (level 30, half boosted) and one in high gyro/shores (level 30, fully boosted). I’m meeting a lot of other phorurex, too. Sometimes I am destroying two team members with it; sometimes I’m getting destroyed by spyx or lux or even dio. Sometimes one is taking out a couple of my team members; sometimes I’m one-shotting it with trebax or bullying it with resilients. It hasn’t been a huge problem so far either way.

Indotaurus (which I also have at 30/30) is even harder to get a couple kills with, btw. I wouldn’t call it OP by any means. Most people actually consider it the inferior carno hybrid to scorp g3.


Yep. Overall agree

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Lower arenas are a different universe from higher ones in which you surely are.
I made a heavy coin investment on having a 29 deer, not fully boosted but not so far.
It’s dead meat.
The amount of Thors, Trykos, Mortems, Dios, Magnas, etc where I am makes deer just a “good dino” and nothing more.
Really. And swapping out just postpones the final outcome.

Chances are I am a total bad player that can’t properly use the cerebral and obscure deer, or I have a state of bad luck that makes me meet only chompers when I draw deer, or, maybe, that high arena players shall start to consider more that their world is just half the game.
Yeah, the most shiny and flashy, but there’s another half that struggles with totally different problems that usually end up being rubricated as “not good players”.

My 2 cents.
No polemics intended, of course.

Yeah the on escape looks like a lot, but it really isn’t when you get down to it. If your dino doesn’t resist stun prevention, then don’t try to swap out. I think the stun targets the swapper, right? So since the person chose to swap anyway, that usually doesnt matter unless you’re slower and used an automatic swap move. And if a dino does swap out, all the move does is punish them with 1x damage, and as a swap deterrent that isn’t unfairly strong given how strong some SIAs are. The move is good in how it can limit your options, but you can avoid it by just not swapping.


This is how I kind of see it too, at least in Phorurexes case. Even if it overall is (potentially) balanced, the sheer quantity of abilities and effects at its disposal is way more than most dinos. So even if it’s stats are on par with other dinos, it’s sheer utility alone means it will outcompete most other dinos for a spot on your team. I really wish Ludia would stop giving dinos so many abilities/effects, even if the dinos with them aren’t terribly unbalanced.


Yep. Exactly

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Phorurex is fine in my opinion. it’s rampage and run is delayed


Had to come back to this topic to say that the level 30 boosted Phos I faced weren’t actually that bad… They were “only” at 2300-2400 damage… But now I’ve faced some at 2600-2700 damage… With a distraction rampage… then a 100% dodge and crit buff… then bleeding shield-breaking rampage with certain crit (over 6k assured damage then bleed)… and you can’t swap out from it

OP? Naaaaah… It’s just my imagination…