Is Phorurex's On Escape move glitched? Can never swap out

I’m not sure if this is just a bout of insane bad luck, but none of my dinos can ever escape Phorurex’s On Escape move since the latest update.

I have Magna, Poukandactylus and Grypo, all with a 75% resistance to swap prevention, but not once have I managed to actually escape Phorurex using them. I’ve made a lot of attempts, too.

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All dinos will receive damage whether they are immune to swap out or not, so you have to have enough health left to survive the hit before the swap will take place.

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4,5K -1,2 K health left and 100% locked (Geminititan)

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that ability has 3 points:

  • damage
  • stun
  • pin

it’s the most efficient “swap prevention” creature i believe.

you must be able to survive 1x damage (with 15% crit chance) and resist swap prevention (or at least resist acute stun).

i think swap out would be the last desperate move against phorurex.

To clarify, the part I’m concerned about is the swap prevention aspect of it.

My dinos taking damage can’t be stopped, but I was under the impression that the swap prevention on Phorurex’s On Escape move still took into account the immunities/resistances of the opposing dino, but it doesn’t seem like it’s possible to get past it regardless. It feels like 100% lockdown right now.

Yup and as stated I have yet to encounter the first time my gem or magna escape

Probably bad rng, I’ve had a lot of creatures swap out from mine

from my point of view (when i have phorurex) and opponent swaps out, animation makes phorex goes outside screen limits when making damage thing.

is this intended, or devs wanted a camera change (showing phorex from front view) that didn’t happen yet?

Is phorurex’s on escape move glitched? yes, yes it is

I can pin maxima