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Is Procerathomimus a 'must have' for Arenas 3 - 5?

Hi, I just want to enquire if it is a must to level up Procerathomimus for Arenas 3 - 5 or above. Since it does not have a further hybrid, I’m thinking of leaving it at level 11 and using my resources to unlock other dinos.

But will doing so seriously impede my progress in the Arenas since many people seem to agree that it’s a really strong dino.

Thanks in advance for any opinions and advice.

You don’t need it, but having it can greatly progress your advancements through the arenas.

Well,I think you should say it is,mine is at level 15,and I am at arena 6,and it is too good to be ignored. Maybe do not grind the heck out of yourself for it because it might get nerfed and even higher players are requesting nerfs,but then,it is good so level it to 15 at least,if it gets a hybrid

Thank you Sean and Bhagabati for taking the time to reply.

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I fear the answer is “yes”. Back in my day, Procerathomimus (and boosts) didn’t exist so lower arenas were balanced and there wasn’t any op dino there. So i don’t really know what havoc Procerat causes in lowet arenas. Unfortunately, knowing that he smashes through uniques and legendaries, I guess he’s really a must have there. Of course you can always choose a harder way and not use him, just like I do with Indo G2, but beware that it’ll probably be very challenging


I haven’t played that long, but I have to say that you should use it.

Thank you for the advice Starlinger and Tommy. My aim is not to do super well in the Arenas but winning is still better than losing and having to battle more rounds to get an incubator. But how high a level do you all level it up to?

I’m thinking level 15 since it may get a future hybrid at that level?

Proceratomimus is good for many arenas high lvl on par with orion, phorasauria and a great counter to indo gen 1 and 2. So yes at high lvls for an epic yoshis amazing.

Hi Jerald, thanks for your reply. However, may I ask can’t creatures like Dilophoba, Indoraptor Gen 2 or even Titanoboa with Immune to Distraction counter it? Am I missing out something?

@Starlinger27 I am in arena 6, if not mine back in arena 3,yes it is a annoying pest,the only reason it is simpler to progress is that there are not too many creatures that are as broken,so only 1 creature on the team is of that sort.

Majundaboa? The upcoming creature of 1.14

Indo gen 2 can win, but only 25% of the time. The other 2 fail due to procerath’s damage output

It isn’t but it is really good. Mine is level 18 and is crushing it in arena 18.

There is only 13 arenas, and if you meant arena 13 I really doubt you are there with a level 18 procera.

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Forget 3-5,it does game breaking OP stuff even in the top 3 arenas

I think he means crushing things in the arena with a level 18 yoshi

Whoops I accidentally pressed 1. I am in arena 8. ProRat is also getting crushed often.

Prorat got me up to arena nine, note that I did have boosts. He is great and would reccomend to lvl him as high as you can.

Procerathomimus is currently end game capable and a very powerful creature. You can level it up to 20 without any regrets.

Thanks Carnokiller1 and Whitecat31!