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Is pterodactylus good? Worth 20k loyalty points?

Is this a useful creature to own? Is it ever in your go to lineup for tournaments?

For example… Apatosaurus is pretty unassuming buttt when in tournaments she really rocks it because of her high health. I find myself sending her into battles more than some others.

Is Pterodactylus one of those hidden gems?

Also, my main question… do you think it’s worth 20k loyalty points? I will buying 2 for 40k points. I just want to hear your thoughts.

I’ve got 3 lvl 40 of them and they are a valuable member of my tournament staff.
My strategy is to never buy a creature for 20k or 50k if it is available in a 10k pack. I make an exception if I need only one more to bring it to lvl 40, but never more than 20k.
50k packs are reserved for creatures that never appear in any other pack.
But if you want to buy 2 of them to start that’s probably a good idea. Its lvl 20 statistics is 1554 and 902 what you may already know.


I’ve got a pair of level 20s. I love them


If you want a lvl 20, go for it. I’d love one, and the 10k pack is dominated by aquatics for me, i just hope that i get enough LPs before it changes.

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Thanks for all the input. This has been one of those creatures that I’ve never been able to get. I’ve also never used 20k points for anything yet. My rule was 11k through trade harbor or 10k through a pack.

That metriaphodon tournament really taught me the value of having a stacked VIP lineup. Based on your input this will be a solid addition.

I’m going to do it! Thanks @Tommi @Andy_wan_kenobi @Kiarash_Bahar


Do nite that with a 10k pack, there’s a rebate of 1300 LPs for VIP. That’s a net cost of 8700 LPs for a VIP dino + whatever else comes with it.
On the pterodactyl, I got a 40 and a 20, both useful pteros, but at 10 previously, hardly helpful except for guerilla-type spot attacks. The VIP ptero with most solid health is the eudimophirdon at 4788 for level 40 (I got [almost]

3 of them) with steady 1496 attack. Only on rare occasions when there’s perhaps a crazy chicken (aka segnosuchus) on the other side can this bird be 1-hit KO.


I got 2 at level 30. Are they bad? No. I prefer them to the Eud. The problem is there aren’t any non-VIP birds that compare to the 3 VIP, 2 of which are in the 10k packs. Should you use 40k VIP points for 2? Meh, unless you don’t like/need more 10k VIP dinos, then yes. If not, then I’d spend that same 40k on 4 10k VIP packs, that way you get more for your points.