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Is Pterovexus worth running in 1.9

It was stated as High Apex and was considering to use it once the boost system gets changed as part of my new team. Any Pterovexus users out there that can give me a guide on how to use it and if it’s worth using? I’ll provide the other 7 dinos on the future team if needed.

I guess there’s not that many Vexus users on here today.

I am about less than a month away from mine so I hope so.

I am too afraid to use him.If it doesn’t qualify my standards ,then it will be a waste of boosts.
The boost system made the game to stall and not experiment with our Dinos.

I’m curious to know this as well. Currently, both Pterovexus and Stygidaryx rarely show up in battles and when they do, they’re taken out with minimal effort. Would love to know if my opponent’s are just using them wrong.

I don’t want to say it’s too good nor too bad. Vexus is quite situation dependent. It devastates enemies in the right matchup, but does little to nothing against wrong ones. You will love to dive in a tryko or dio that’s about to use distraction, and you will hate running into a hit&run or immune creatures. Vexus is great but the rest of your team have to be able to take on the main combat part, as vexus only plays a supportive role.

Even with the buff I don’t find it too appealing tbh. But I guess this is just personal taste since I find the moveset quite boring. Was expecting a kit rework, not just a simple stat buff.