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Is PvP worthwhile?

From a purely in-game reward perspective is PvP worthwhile?

I’m wondering if there’s any point to PvP

It is extremely rare that the brawl Chest reward contains anything I need or want and given that it’s chance whether I’ll win or not, it should take me about ten battles to get it.

And The basic mini chests only contain junk, the purple and red chests are once in a blue moon (I do seem to get the blue chest every now and then though)

Other than the top one, the new league rewards seem pretty average (could get the epics from a few runs of a good challenge event)

In contrast I can battle for what I want in the challenges

Setting aside the frustration of PvP, thoughts on whether it’s worghwhile reward wise

Aka I’m fed up with PvP and want someone to approve my decision to stop playing it and focus on challenges as I’m finding it hard to pull away :wink:

Occurs to me after that the quests involving battles are usually pretty straightforward and worth doing bit worthwhile other than completing those?

I play pvp purely as a way to get additional reward chests. The only time I play with full chest slots is for a daily quest. For the most part there is underwhelming rewards, but cards is cards. I certainly won’t invest the time required to jump leagues. Its definitely harder to advance then before but I don’t think that is a bad thing. I do like the separation in arena 7. Once it settles I think the matches will be more consistent til the next reset. The addition of a few xp for battle a couple of updates ago along with changing the earning of battle chest to kills from wins was nice. Hopefully the tweaks keep coming.

I only do PvP when I have an empty chest slot (can’t pass up the chance for a red chest), or to fulfill a daily quest. Other than that, it’s definitely not worth it.

I look at this game differently. I play it because I like the graphics and I like the types of characters and advancing them and making them stronger. Not so I can beat more people but the advancement for their own sake. Can it be slow? Yes but it is free except for what I decide to put in. If I ever feel like I am not getting enough fun for what I put in then I will quit. I like pvp over the challenges because even semi-broken like now, I am usually playing new teams a majority of the time. Sometimes they are overpowered but it is still slightly different every time. Even if I lose where I think I should win there are still enough times when it is close, or when I beat someone I thought I was going to lose to, that it makes it fun for me.

In the challenges, even though the prizes change, it is just the same thing over and over again. I do it because like I said I like gaining gear even if it’s slow.

I don’t think rewards worth it. I’m only active in pvp when challenge refresh rolls a big fat 0. For gear I need offered at the higher end of 20 rolls. Then you have to spend diamonds opening tons of 3 hour chests to have slots open for that rare good chest.

Yeah I was doing a challenge on mute the other day and the graphics really are beautiful

Maybe I’ll just stick to filling empty chest slots rather than trying to get brawl chest done in one go

I always have games on mute. I am much more about graphics than sound effects

Well it has been rare but I have gotten several legendary items from pvp chests as well. Once even from a 3 hr chest and most recently, the day before yesterday, from a 12 hr one

Yeah I got a legendary from a brawl chest

I suppose what i was really asking was what level of PvP is worthwhile

Think I’ll stop trying to smash out the brawl chest on one go (and sometime even the gold chest) and only play to fill empty chest slots or for quest requirements

I just enjoy playing and watching the fights so I play whether I am making any kind of profit from it or not. In a year or two or in a week, whenever I quit playing this game, there is nothing I’ll take with me other than the enjoyment of the time so I don’t stress it.

I find PvP is by far the worst thing in my life in regards to disturbing my otherwise happy equilibrium, it regularly makes me utterly furious :slight_smile:

Yeah I have figured that out lol

I have too many other things in my life to care that much about this game. I enjoy it, and I enjoy it far more than any other phone game I have ever played but when I no longer do I’ll quit.

I have too many other things too including 2 young kids

One of which is a handful but he maddens me way less than PvP :wink:

I enjoy the other aspects of the game and sometimes get real enjoyment from PvP, so funny when it’s all on the other person, when it’s them that can’t do a trick

But not worth the many times it induces rage

Well you Aussies can be that way :wink:

I was going to say murderous rage but thought I better dilute it for the American consumers - they might take me literally

We can definitely be that way. Have good luck today I am heading for bed