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Is resilient a direct counter to cunnning or cautious strike?

Seriously, this is supposed to be a rock paper scissors situation but what if Ludia just did this to completely destroy Indo g2.

They already nerfed Indo g2 and it’s cautious strike but what if they also made a huge indirect Nerf to it. Resilient cleanses distraction, removes evasive and speed increase. Cautious strike distracts, increases speed and dodges. Cunning only distracts and resilient doesn’t cleanse crit reduction so That just a theory, a Dino theory.

My Indo g2 is only 17 and no boosts by the way.

Resilient also counters cunning, just not as direct by the way.

That’s a reasonable theory, but they all the RPS moves were meant to counter everything that class does normally

Lol yeah it definitely counters cunning in general, but it’s a direct “nope” to everything cautious strike does. They went a bit overboard with the Indo G2 nerfs this patch. Lowering base stats, removing it’s rampage, nerfing evasive stance, and introducing resilient moves were all fine options to balance it, but they didn’t need to do ALL of them :joy:

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I’m not surprised if it’s true. I had the same idea when it was released. Cautious strike is still a top 3 strike outside the current meta, but it falls in this meta

I know poor Indo g2 got it even worse than proceratomimus. Ludia really knows how to kill a Dino

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