Is rexy going to be a parent?

Will JWA Rexy be used for a hybrid in the future?

every reg hybrid and non-hybrid eventually gets a hybrid so bound to happen


Dimodactylus and Alankylosaurus:


If we dont get a hybrid within the next 2 updates then we will probably get an apex quite a bit down the line. My guess is in the next 2 updates they will make rexy hybrid into mortem rex.

excluding dimo, alanky, gamma, procerat, and many many more maybe probably… everything else does

I’m hoping rexy gets an original hybrid

getting ultimasaurus would be interesting, maybe rexy being the final ingredient for a mega-hybrid? not sure what it’s called but essentially
()+()= hybrid
hybrid +(_)= superhybrid
superhybrid+Rexy= ultimasaurus?

Maybe it’ll be with the one who shall not be named AKA the terror of Aviary

I’m not sure if ultimasaurus ever gonna be in jwa but i would like seeing him

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